Bentgo kids leakproof Lunch Box


Where were these amazing Bentgo Kids Leakproof Lunch Boxes for learning portion control when my mom was shopping for my back to school lunch box? I got stuck with a lunch box with no separate compartments and a thermos that always smelled like sour milk that sat too long. I have three kids and this Bentgo kids leakproof lunchbox is so fun to use. Need bentgo lunch box ideas to keep your children happy? You get choices in the colors and can mix match the separate trays.

Bentgo Kids Leakproof Lunch Box

I love the child friendly color scheme this lunch box has while also being appropriate enough for moms and dads (myself definitely included) to take to work or to the gym. Inside the lunch box you will see rubberized compartments that allow this lunch box to be leakproof.

The container is ergonomic for a small grade school child to open as it has easy to open latches for small hands and the corners are rubberized to withstand the million drops it will endure at your child's school.

I did mention how cool the removable tray option is right? Unless you have just one child this may not be a cool feature but I have three--yes, three! And mix matching colors will not only be fun for the kids but I will have fun changing it up each day. I'm that lame. 🙂  Check out the video that explains the tray mix matching to see for yourself on amazon Bentgo Kids lunchbox video just scroll down to the bottom and click play.


  • LEAKPROOF technology because we know how gentle kids are with their belongings, ha.
  • The container is microwave and dish washer safe however clean the outer shell by hand to keep the rubberized seal longer preserved working the way it should.
  • BPA free/FDA approved/100% Food safe the list goes on...
  • 5 separate compartments designed to instill creativity in your child's meals.



Q - Can the entire lunch box go into the dishwasher

A - remove the tray and place in the dishwasher but wash the outer shell with dish soap by hand to keep the leakproof seal preserved

Q - Can you order the trays by itself to mix match the colors or do you have to order the whole lunch box?

A - Yes! Bentgo does sell the tray by itself so have fun mix-matching and here is a link bentgo individual tray and the trays come in separate colors.

Q - Will liquids like soup or applesauce leak through?

A - NO! This product is amazing and leak proof is the company's leading feature advertised. You can even add water to one compartment at a time and do a shake test and be happily surprised to discover the remaining (empty) compartments are still nice and dry!

Q - Can I add an ice pack to this lunch box?

A - Unfortunately, it is not big enough for an ice pack but you can use their bentgo lunch bag that are insulated and affordable along with the ultra thin chillers ice pack.

The Verdict

All parents want their kids to learn proper portion control but at the same time they want their kids to have a kid friendly design that is designed to be fun without letting them feel they are be punished or are on a special diet compared to their classmates. Instead, their classmates are going to envy the Bentgo Kids lunchbox instead of the boring brown bag or lunch tote.

I really, really love the proactive way parents can teach their children about weight management, portion control without making the child feel different at school or that they should feel insecure about their size. Learning how much of each food group that should be consumed during each meal shouldn't be considered a monitored diet but more of a healthy way of living. We don't want our kids feeling bloated and low of energy after their meals (some teachers would disagree with the low levels  of energy--kidding 🙂 ) leaving them too lethargic to be mentally active in class and more engaged in the class assignments. Eating a healthy balanced meal will allow mental alertness to be at its peak versus and over-sized lunch of carbs and chips. Kids are not the only ones to benefit from portion controlled bentgo kids leakproof lunch box here are my links to a few reviews I did on adult lunch boxes Yumbox, Precise Portions-to-go and Jaxx FitPak fit & fresh.

I hope you've enjoyed my bentgo lunch box review and please share with all the other moms and dads. Feel free to leave a comment with any questions and I'll be happy to answer.

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