Bento Lunch Box 3-Compartment Meal Prep Food Containers: Portion Control Plates


Today is the day portion control should take center stage in your journey to lose weight. We don't need get skinny quick gimmicks that provide nothing more than lack of education in healthy eating and balancing different food groups. We don't need to take dangerous pills that make you cranky and crash later in the day. We just need to learn how to balance the amounts of food we serve ourselves while enjoying a large array of ingredients. No more eliminating important food groups to lose weight. Portion is key. The help of Bento Lunch Box with Plate Dividers we can get a little boost to train ourselves what amount is too much and what amount gave you that muffin top.

 I don't know if it's just my weird mentality or others share this same way of thinking but when I tell myself "you're not allowed more than 20 net carbs per day" or "stay under 1500 calories" I find myself in the overused cliche of "wanting what I can't have" and derailing all of my efforts. However, when I allow myself what I want but control the amount I eat I then feel like my body/mind/diet have a compromised contract going on with each other to where we all agree. I can have a little bit of this and a little bit of that without showing a little bit of it on my butt and a little bit under my first chin. You know? Portion sizes is the main reason we gain weight and I say "we" because I'm not a speaker lecturing people about their poor decisions because I've been on that ride a few times too many and I don't want to buy anymore tickets.

3-Compartment Meal Prep Food Containers with Lids for Portion Control (7 pack)

Each and every food group has bad effects if eaten in large quantities and each food group has its own benefits if eaten in the proper quantity.

For instance, sometimes I've bought a bag of seedless grapes and plopped my do gooder lying to myself that I'm losing weight with my jumbo sized I will eat the entire bag of seedless grape in denial s self  blocking out not realizing that the natural sugar in grapes do add up and a few calories are a lot if timed by 100 grapes. I might as well had lays potato chips and dip with my never gains weight husband.


Sometimes the challenges of eating right is making time to prepare your food. It is so easy and much more convenient to slip by a drive thru window and hand out the debit card finesse your gas pedal to the second window and ask for ketchup with your order. Lunch is ready. When I would slip by a Taco Bell or Burger king instead of packing my own lunch as soon as I'd finish eating my food I'd want a nap or my stomach would hurt from bloating or gas indigestion caused by the bad food I was eating. Whenever I would pack a healthy lunch from home it did the opposite--it gave me energy and I later on would develop a nice glow to my skin.

Bento Lunch Box 3-Compartment Meal Prep Food Containers: Portion Control Plates

I really like how these 3-compartment portioned plates are microwaveable, dish washer safe and discreet when you don't want co-workers knowing you're learning about portion sizes. The 7 pack set is terrific for my OCD habit of pre-planning because my Sundays are so boring that I might as well stock up all my lunches for grab-and-go convenience when I want a little more time to sleep in or learn how to use that high-tech curling iron my husband got me for Christmas 3 years ago that does nothing more than burn me (faulty use by operator) during each effort.



  • Leakproof - The lid on these plates will seal airtight leaving your prepared food safe in the freezer from spilling and developing freezer burn. Yogurts and dressing will not spill into your lunch bag causing a low fat ranch smell that will linger until you wash the lunch bag out
  • Each container holds 32 ounces of food and each compartment is pre-sized for proper portions. One is 16 ounces and the other two hold 8 ounces.
  • BPA free and 100% food safe
  • Stackable and reusable




  • I enjoy the fact that food prepper's will get to stock pile their food for a while and that these plates stack on top of each other keeping your refrigerator real estate free for rest of your family members food.
  • AFFORDABLE: If you're having the entire family learn proper portion control and need a weeks worth of food for your kids to take to school and the adults to pack for lunch this reusable set is low cost and doesn't look or feel cheap. Your kids also will appreciate that the container doesn't scream "my mom and dad have me on a diet."
  • The satisfaction guarantee with no questions asked  by the Manufacturer is enough to try this set out without being stuck with something that doesn't work the way you wanted. The affordable price is a no lose risk in its self compared with their satisfaction statement is a win/win.
  • Train your eyes to learn what is too much and what is too little--once you're fully trained on portion sizes you can still use these containers for holding leftovers or lunches for school/work.


  • Even though weight loss is not about the pretty containers you eat from the design of this plate is on the less attractive side. Almost looks like those Chinese take away trays I use to get when I'd order sweet & sour chicken (I miss those days of fun eating), but it's not as flimsy as the Chinese containers so plus a point on that factor.

The Verdict

I really like how people are taking proactive action into the way they eat instead of looking for a "lose10 pounds in 3 days" hype that does nothing but cause you to lose water weight and gain more back when you realize how hungry you are from that unhealthy fad diet.

Dieting doesn't have to be a life sentence or a new lifestyle change. Using portion control tips and portion control tools are all you need while enjoying the food you like. I know "lifestyle change" seems to be the new weight control statement but I don't like it simply because it means your changing your lifestyle and we don't want to change our lifestyle we just want to control it. Makes sense? I'll explain it a bit more.

You see, I want to enjoy spaghetti and meatballs every once and a while with a side of beer or a glass of wine. Controlling the portion size to where there's not a mountain of noodles and a Tsunami of marinara and a meatball avalanche is the main goal in having what you want while still losing weight or maintaining it.

I normally have a very healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks while still treating myself to the goods at dinner time but at the same time knowing when using a large ladle to scoop mashed potatoes doesn't count as one scoop. 🙂

I encourage you to try out the Bento Lunch Box with Plate Dividers for portion control and start the journey for sustainable weight loss right away! I hope you enjoyed my Bento Lunch box portion control review and please share with your friends or leave a comment if you need further questions answered.


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