Best Accurate Weight Loss Scales of 2016: Is your scale lying?

Okay before I share with you the best accurate weight loss scales of 2016 I'm going to open up with all of you and share my own embarrassing personal experiences with the evil scales. Ugh, here we go, I used to hate scales so much before because of the inaccuracies. I kid you not, when I'm gung-ho about losing weight I get all the gear and then some to help keep me motivated--which meant three scales in the bathroom--gasp!

I had the old fashioned health-o-meter analog scale because how can you debate a balance beam? But I'm nearsighted and could not see where that pointy indicator was facing at without having to kneel down and do my own balancing act to get a better look, so in order to get use out of that scale I had to remember to take my driving glasses in the bathroom with me and try explaining to family members why you need your driving glasses to use the bathroom. 🙂

Then I had a back up digital scale that would brightly tell me why I shouldn't have eaten that entire jar of pickles (yes, I gained 7 pounds one time from eating an entire jar of pickle spears--water weight from the sodium but holy crap) that just took me two days of chugging water to lose, but nothing is better than bold bright numbers telling you that you messed up. The only thing I didn't like about this digital scale was that I kept getting inaccurate weigh-ins. I'd step on it once and it would give me a reading and just to be curious I'd step on it again and see that I was 2 pounds less than I was a second ago. I be doing the "Carlton dance" thinking this was my new weight until my stupid curiosity would step on it again and I gained back those 2 pounds I had lost in a matter of seconds plus 3 more gained to the original weigh-in. Arrrrgh!

So picture this scenario, you're the husband and you see your wife walking into the bathroom with not only her driving glasses on but a 10 pound bag of sugar so she could weigh the sugar and see how accurate the scales are. Yeah, I did that! Because of all that confusion with the scales I went out and bought another digital scale that was being advertised by a well-known weight loss company (I will not reveal names) and it promised to accurately read my bone density, water weight, fat percentage and your body mass index.

This highly "advanced" digital scale gave me nothing more than headaches. I found myself stepping on the scale and seeing the same dang number every morning regardless of how clean I was eating and how long spent on my indoor exercising bike. I discovered that it was showing me the memory weigh-ins from a week earlier. This caused me to really showcase my pathetic abilities when I would step on the scale see the memory weight then grab the heaviest item in my bathroom (I refused to let my family see me bring bricks into the bathroom 😉 ) which was my new bottles of shampoo and conditioner the jumbo sizes. I would hold those bottles and weigh myself to get the "new" weight to help re-calibrate the scale. The last annoying thing about this scale was that I had to literally bang my barefoot on the platform to get it to turn on and display the zero number. I should not have had to go through all of this to see how grotesque I was! Three scales in one bathroom and a chic that still didn't know her accurate weight.

I'm on the hunt for a new one because those scales are taking up too much real estate in my tiny bathroom. So if you made it down this far providing you didn't get scroll happy and went straight to the meat of this article (don't blame you) then you're awesome if not it's okay as I tend to babble.

Best Weight Loss Scales of 2016

Let's do this together. I want to find the weight loss scale that will make my mornings a lot easier and less embarrassing. It's time to weigh-in on some of the best sellers out in today's heavy market. Okay, okay I'll stop the word play.

Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale with Ultra Wide Platform and Step-on Technology, 440-Pounds

First off, the name of this Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale would easily set me off on the right start because instead of motivational post-its everywhere in my home the scale has a built-in post-it displaying "Eatsmart" with a cute little apple icon reminding me of what I should pack in my lunch box for work instead of the Little Debbie (I only buy them when they are the holiday themed Christmas tree, Valentine heart, and the Halloween shapes 🙂 ).

I really like how this scale is a step on because as I previously mentioned, my last scale had me banging on it with my foot as if a spider was creepishly crawling near my foot (I don't step on spiders) and it reads out to the nearest .2 pounds. I love when scales show the ounces because it helps keep me motivated. Instead of waiting for the infamous last pound to drop you can get a little bit of a hint that you're close when it shows 133.6 letting you know that you're just over a 1/2 a pound away from your goal weight.

This scale also weighs up to the highest capacities out on the market which is 440 pounds and the ergonomic platform easily stores in any bathroom closet without taking too much room. I know normal scales don't take up much room but when you have three scales going down to this slim scale feels great, ha.



  • No more tapping on the scale to turn on. Step on and get instant readings
  • Back-lit 4.3" LCD reading- easy to read from any distance and in any light (no driving glasses needed in the bathroom)
  • 4 high precision g sensors - measurement in increments .2 lbs. / 3oz. to 440 lbs or 200 kgs every time so you can see how close you are in ounces to checking off another pound from your goal.
  • Extra durable over-sized platform - over 15 inches wide
  • Auto-calibated; auto power-off; self-powered by 2 AAA batteries (included with purchase)

Q & A

Q - Does it give other readouts?

A - If by readouts you mean the bone density, BMI, fat percentage like my previous "advanced" scale the short answer is NO! You get what want your weight.

Q - How long does it display the readout results?

A - For about 10 seconds so no need to worry that the person waiting in line to use the bathroom will get a glimpse of your weight (My husband is always trying to see what I weigh because he knows it irritates me)

Q - Does it change the weight depending on the floor it is placed on?

A - Never weigh yourself on carpet you will not get an accurate reading. You can weigh yourself on any hard flooring but just remember if you move the scale around it will display an inaccurate weigh so step on it one time (dismiss the weight it shows) then step on it a second time to get a true display because the first step was to calibrate itself.

Q - How long do the batteries last?

A - From what I'm reading the batteries are lasting a minimum of 2 years with daily usage. This product uses 2 AAA batteries and it is included with purchase

Q - Does it have a memory?

A - This is my favorite part as there is no memory of a previous weigh-in gawd I hate the scales that store the memory a.) I don't want to be reminded of my old weight b.) I don't want my husband to "find" the weight memory

This scale seems to be a very reliable scale that displays the weight without all the bells and whistles. Sometimes I think when a product is too focused on the additional features it fails to pay close attention to the sole purpose of the product (in this case the accuracy of the weight) and you end up with a dud that can tell you what your bone density weighs but not your body. I like how long the batteries last and the ergonomic size. Definitely impressed with what I learned.

Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale

This Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale scale is a lot more pricier than the previous model I discussed but for what it does I can see why, however, I wouldn't recommend someone going from an analog scale straight to this one, ease your weigh with other technological scales first because this one seems rather complex and not meant for someone still getting used to their smartphone (my mom).

Even though I'm not a huge fan of the get more than you asked for type of scales as I could careless about the percentage of water in my body but this scale is pretty cool. It can store up to 8 separate user accounts displaying your data and sends it to where you can track your weight loss progress. The whole family can stay on track together and without sharing your own personal results. It is password protected so each person can have privacy in their own journey. Could you picture your sibling walking out of the bathroom with a shiny grin saying," I see you gained a pound since last week well I lost a pound" yeah, sisters can get pretty catty when trying to lose weight, haha! So password protection is pretty cool. Remember I have the snooping hubby!

It will track your weight, body mass index, fat percentage and your lean mass. Then the scale uses your WiFi to send the results of your stats directly to your fitbit account when you can look at how you're doing and see if you need to be making adjustments to your weight loss plan.




  • Accurately track your weight body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI) through your fitbit account online
  • Sends your stats automatically via wi-fi to where you can see graphs of your progress
  • Easy to set-up and the aria will automatically recognize up to eight users
  • With aria each account is password protected so you can control how much and what data to share with nosy family members

Q & A

Q - What is the weight capacity?

A - 350 lbs.

Q - How can it tell which person out of the 8 it allows is stepping on the scale?

A - No two people have the same internal measurements with that being said, it can tell who you are based on your personal stats as it stores your lean mass percentage, body mass index and body fat. It would be pretty rare to have someone with the exact measurements regardless if your weight in pounds is the same. In order to see someone else's readings you would have to know their password.

Q - I see a lot of users buy the fitbit bracelet when they get this scale do I need it?

A - No you do not need it they both work independently. Most users get the fitbit bracelet because it works interchangeably with the other for improving weight loss progress. The fitbit bracelet, as mentioned in my Fitbit review, it is the most accurate when tracking how many calories you are burning with any activity--even doing dishes. So they do go hand-in-hand but it is not necessary to have one to enjoy the benefits to this scale. You will need to have a fitbit account to see your progress online and the account is free to have.

Q - Can I only track my results on a PC?

A - No, you can track your progress on any smartphone providing you have the fitbit account and just download the free app, however, for the bells and whistles you can pay for the premium upgrade--not needed to enjoy the app.

This scale sure does have me feeling like I'm in a Jetsons cartoon or that I'm an extra in the movie "Back to the Future" wow! I don't think this scale is far too complicated as I originally thought so maybe it's easy enough for my mom to learn (let the million calls about "how do I do this?" and "how do I do that?" commence) or anybody is not too tech savvy. It's a little bit pricey but you will get a lot of use out of it and if you have the fitbit bracelet you will be a weight losing pro.

Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale - Measures Weight, Fat, Muscle, Bone & Hydration with Auto Recognition and Infant Tare Technology

Initial impression of this Ozeri Touch Bath Scale was that it looked funny but I'm not the type to judge based on appearance so I gave it a little attention and discovered that my initial impression was wrong. It looks the way it does for good reason.

I think this may be my favorite of the three because it has its own tare system. And if you've read my Kitrics Digital Nutritional scale review you will know that I love tare systems. I can actually get on the scale and click tare while holding my baby to see how much she ways instead of weighing myself then getting back on to weigh myself with my daughter and do my own math. Okay it is not calculus to deduct the weight of my baby from my own but it's a cool feature. You can weigh your pet and your luggage, as well.

This scale even calculates your hydration levels which is something I could benefit from as I tend to ignore forget the 8 glasses of water a day recommendation. It also has auto-recognition for up to 8 users like the fitbit scale has. I didn't see anything about password protection so it loses a point for having each persons measurements accessible to others.

*UPDATE: I'm giving this scale the point that I took off back. As it turns out the only way someone could access your personal data is if you just got off the scale and they're over your shoulders. They can only access the basic (info they already know) like age, height, and gender all things you can't hide, ha. You will have to stand on it and let it auto recognize your own body measurements for it to display your previous weight. 🙂




  • Infant Tare Button that lets you to get an easy weighing of your infant, pet or luggage item while in your arms.
  • Utilizes an advanced algorithm that instantly calculates your weight, body fat, hydration, muscle and bone mass density.
  • Features 3 touch sensitive buttons for easy operation and auto recognition for up to 8 profiles for shared use at home, office or at the gym.
  • Has 4 high precision GX sensors to weigh up to 440 pounds (200 kilograms) in 0.2 lbs or 0.1 kg increments with StepOn Technology.
  • Reflective surface is made of high quality impact-resistant tempered glass, which is 4 times stronger than normal glass. (Not too sure the reflectiveness is something to be happy about--picture looking down while in your birthday suit to check your stats--eeeek!)

Q & A

Q - Can I wear shoes when weighing myself?

A - NO! You can't even way socks and just forget about weighing yourself immediately after a shower or bath. You need to be barefoot, dry and not standing over the bathroom mat or rug. So 1.bare feet 2. dry feet 3. hard flat surface = accurate reading. *UPDATE: I guess you can weigh with shoes on but it would be most accurate with out shoes and socks plus dry feet. The thing you need to remember is that you will only get the internal measurements barefoot and if wearing socks and shoes you just get the weight.

Q - Will the scale change my weight if moved to another location?

A - Yes, it will need to calibrate so your first reading may display upwards of a 5-10 pound weight loss so no need to have a heart attack because it is not your true weight. So when you move the scale just step on it one time let it do it's thing then step back on for your accurate reading.

Q - When using the tare function will it measure the bone, lean mass, hydration of the pet or child being held?

A - Yes! It will disregard you (sounds harsh but isn't) and only calculate the baby you're holding or pet, but I doubt will will give you hydration and lean mass results for your luggage you're trying to weigh. 🙂

I feel like I stepped out of a Star Trek convention with what I just learned about these scales. To think I've been doing balancing acts with my analog, bringing 10-pound bags of sugar for my "advance" digital scale and bruising up my foot for the 3rd scale that doesn't want to clock in for its shift without pouncing on it.

Out of the three it is really hard to narrow it down to the number one so I guess it will have to be based on your own personal needs. I mean, if you don;t have a baby or pet to weigh then the tare feature fore the Ozeri Touch Bath Scale will mean nothing to you except for the hydration measurement feature. The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale is great if you want to track your progress online but if you're not tech savvy you will need to read up on it to fully understand how to use the scale instead of the old-fashioned (easier) out of box put batteries in and stand on--wallah your weight is revealed. If you have tech skills and the fitbit bracelet you're going to absolutely love this scale. Especially for the privacy of the password protection.

I really like the simplicity of the Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale and how you can just step on with out the tapping process to get your readout, sometimes less is more and all the extra features are too much for someone that just wants a helpful buddy keeping them on track with their weight without making them worry about body mass and hydration levels or needing WiFi.

With all that being said I feel it would be wrong of me to say which one would be number one so I'm just hoping I helped a little by narrowing down to three accurate weight loss scales that I personally find the best out of the vast array of choices in scales we now have. It will have to be based on your own personal needs and goals. I wish you the best of luck.

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  1. Great article, I’ve taken some notes and will use this info in my scale shopping spree. I’ve always been one who weighs herself by whether my clothes are getting too tight, but since they are all rather tight right now, I decided I should break down and get an actual scale. I had no idea you could get a scale that gave you that much information. Weirdly enough I’m kind of excited to buy one now. Thanks – love your blog!

    • I used to be the type to “weigh” myself based on how my jeans fit, as well. However, sometimes many factors can attribute to the jeans feeling tight i.e. extra sodium consumed that week or not getting enough fiber to digest properly. All these examples and much more attribute to clothes feeling tightly and having a scale that breaks it all down for you and logs trends will be a benefit for a weightloss goal long-term. I’m glad you enjoyed the article and good luck. 🙂

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