ChocoRite Bars Review – Ketogenic Diet Snacks On the GO

I just received my lovely order of ChocoRite bars in the mail and ready to put these ketogenic diet snacks on the go to the taste test - these babies are also gluten free. Alright, time to nibble my daily carb allowance away with chocolate! Happy girl.

The review I did is in a video format. If you don't have time to watch the 9-minute review I will share the pros and cons to each bar I ordered below the video.

Coupon code to save 10% on first order - "BR6ZNQ" without the quotes. The advertisement shown on this page takes you to the ChocoRite website where you can use the coupon code. These keto diet snacks will help you stick to your ketogenic diet plan while tasting amazing.

ChocoRite Bars Review - Keto Diet Snacks On the GO (Video)



ChocoRite Dark Pecan Cluster

Pro - It tasted quite similar to a Turtles pecan cluster. It doesn't take like a diet bar at all.

Con - None.

Affiliate link for Pecan Cluster

ChocoRite - Dark Chocolate Crunch

Pro - Like the pecan cluster it looks similar and tasted similar to a Turtle cluster.

Con - None.

Affiliate link to Dark Chocolate Crunch

ChocoRite Dark Chocolate Crisp Bar

Pro - It's only 2 net carbs and taste like diet chocolate but it's not gross.

Con - Doesn't taste like a Nestles crunch bar even though it looks similar. It tasted like a diet bar.

ChocoRite Dark Chocolate Almond Bar

Pro - None.

Cons - It tasted like baking chocolate without any sweetest. It was comparable to a laxative bar. Bleh.


The hands-down winners were the ChocoRite pecan clusters and  ChocoRite chocolate crunch - YUMMY!!!

*A flavor not shown in the video, ChocoRite peanut butter patties, (affiliate link) was number one!!!! It tasted just like a Reese's peanut butter cup.



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