Low Carb vs Low Calorie: Who beats the battle of the bulge?

Every dieting forum I enter has two sides. One side is the anti-carb side and the other are the calorie counters. Each side believing their way is the right way, but who's really the winner? Can you really devote your life to never eating bread or … more

Cheese Jalapeno popper stuffed chicken: Skinny taste good

Rating: 5 (out of 5)
Jalapeno popper chicken

Cream cheese Jalapeno popper stuffed baked chicken with a skinny taste bronco berry. I love the jalapeno popper's you would get at Arby's and my husband loves the bronco berry sauces but unfortunately I can't really indulge in them because of the … more

Skinny Beef Stroganoff and Mushrooms: Skinny Taste Good

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I shared with you the best beef stroganoff but now it's time to share the best skinny beef stroganoff with mushrooms under 600 calories (539 cals.) *UPDATE: I've added a 200 calorie (and low carb) version of the skinny beef stroganoff with mushrooms. … more