Kitrics Digital Nutritional Scale

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Kitrics Digital Nutritional scale

When I first began my mission for weight loss I was getting perplexed with how slow I was losing If I was losing any and decided to really break down what I was doing to see if somehow I was sabotaging my efforts inadvertently. The first thing I checked was to make sure I was in fact counting my net carbs accurately, and if I was underestimating the calories I was consuming.

After checking my dietary journals I learned that I was doing every thing accurate. Then why was I not losing this dang weight? I was using plastic measuring cups to manage my portions and a glass measuring cup for my fluid weight. How much more strict could I get?

Let me add that I was also riding my stationary bike 70 minutes 4 days a week and chasing after a 4 year old while attending to a new baby. I quickly ruled out muscle gain because there is no way you can gain muscle that quick--especially eating the way I was eating.


Kitrics Digital Nutritional Scale

I decided to order a digital food scale because I started questioning the accuracy of the measuring cups I was using for the volume weight. I ordered a digital food scale called Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale through Amazon. I'm a prime member so I received my new scale in two days. I began conducting experiments in my kitchen like I was a mad scientist, ha.

Would you believe my discovery?? The measuring cups were UNDER estimating all the food I was measuring. I measured spaghetti sauce using a 1 cup plastic measuring cup and filled it just below the rim so it wasn't overflowing. Then I proceeded to weight the same cup on the Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale. I first weight a fresh clean measuring cup and placed it on the scale and clicked the tare button (tare button allows you to weigh the plate, bowl, cup--whatever your putting your food on-- before the food so that the scale minuses the weight of the plate) so that it could eliminate the weight of the measuring cup and bring the weight to a zero before I place the sauce in the cup.

Now that the weight was displaying zero I poured the spaghetti sauce into my 1 cup serving measuring cup. It showed I was using MORE than a cup based on the weight of the contents. So, this means each meal I was measuring I was really hundreds of calories over the amount I was wanting and  was over the carb count. Grrrrrr. Trial and error as I learned my lesson.

Ever since I began using the Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale the fat melted off of me. I became addicted to this scale as it was like a little toy for mommy. I weighed my feta cheese, I weighed the lettuce to my salad (before you say "weighing lettuce isn't that a little ridic?" lemme explain...) because believe it or not the carb count on lettuce is pretty high when your diet is stricted to 20 net cars a day even after you deduct the fiber--every little carb counts.



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