Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband Review: Are you really burning that many calories?

Fit-BitEver use an exercising machine that over estimated or under estimated your workout? Yes, well using a fitbit may be what you're looking for while leaving the unknown questions on the backburner.

Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband Review

I remember when I first began to get serious about losing weight.  I was 3 months postpartum with my 3rd and last child and still looked 5 months pregnant. I know it takes 9 months to gain the weight and it should take 9 months to take it off, but what most experts that tote this statement fail to realize is that for the 9 months of gaining the weight you have a cute little baby bump growing. The losing the weight in 9 months is god awful because you have nothing but a loose Kangaroo pouch looking thing that use to be your sexy tummy to look at. Not fun.

I would be on my stationary bike and it would say 804 calories burned for 70 minutes of biking. My heart was racing and my face looked like I had a heat stroke but I felt that the 804 calories for the duration seemed a little on the over estimated spectrum. I was lucky that I didn't get all excited about the "easy workout" and to eat back some of the calories like earning a doggy treat. Some folks do eat back their calories so that they can remain in a set calorie goal. I feel bad for them because  a lot of the equipment could be off enough for them to eat over than calorie goal because of the inaccurate reading.

HR Monitor

A heart rate monitor is the most accurate way you can see for yourself how intense your workout was and how many calories you, in fact, did burn before you decide to fuel up on extra protein bars. Your steps are counted, the distance is counted and your peace of mind is lifted.


Racing to the Finish Line--Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband


  • 1-2 hour charge time (the rechargeable battery has a 5 day longevity)
  • Water-Resistant (do not swim or shower with the fitbit on) sweat will not effect the accuracy.
  • Displays daily stats, time of day and Caller ID (yes, your workout can be interrupted by a phone call--I don't like this attribute but I guess it's convenient if someone is babysitting for you and has a question)
  • Monitors your sleep habit and will wake you up with a silent alarm--time to Queue the Mythical Sandman.
  • Records running statistics, routes, splits and your workouts
  • The ability to sync with your smartphone and or desktop computer



Q & A

  • Will this Fitbit fitbit track my calories burned on a treadmill?

Yes, it tracks all of your movements, the higher your heart rate the higher the calories burned--it will all be tracked.

  • What size to choose?

This fitbit is meant to go up your forearm by at least 2" inches and with that means, if your medium to large frame get the large. If you're petite or a youth that is average in size then get the small.

  • Will it come with a charger?

Yes it comes with a USB that connects directly to the fitbit. Much like a smartphone you can also connect the USB cord to your computer to charge while syncing your stats.

  • What other activities will the fitbit monitor?

All. If you're expending energy, whether through lifting weight, rowing a boat, doing laundry (ever hear of cleanercise? You can burn a lot of calories doing household chores--monitor it) anything that raises your heart rate will get counted.


There you have it ladies and gentlemen. The use of a fitbit, healthier eating plan (portion control) and exercise were my three closest friends in my journey to lose the pregnancy weight. You want to know who is look for more friends? Fitbit😉  Good Luck in your goal to a healthier new you.

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