Healthy Steps 10-Piece Portion Control/Weight Loss Utensil Set Review


Have you ever tried to portion out your own serving of pasta sauce with a line of hungry inpatient family members breathing heavily behind you raising the hairs on the back of your neck, as you can feel the tension because they know you are trying to measure out the exact serving to keep you on track for weight loss. It's awkward and annoying for both hungry parties.

Now how about standing over the stove trying to eyeball which piece of chicken or steak fits into the palm of your hand or measures the same shape and size as a deck of cards? You certainly can't palm every piece to find that Goldilocks piece of chicken. You could but you will probably lose your seat at the next dinner party. The Healthy Steps 10-Piece Portion Control/Weight Loss Utensil Set may just be your new best set of friends considering you've lost so many friends with your portion control habits, ha, just kidding. 🙂

Healthy Steps Utensil Set

This 10-piece set makes measuring cups and calorie counters a thing of the past. Think how much clutter you will eliminate by ridding your kitchen cabinets and drawers of the stacks of different size measuring cups, spoons, food scales. You can even make uniformed sheets of cookies without worrying if you went 20 calories over in a single scoop. Yum!

What's included in the 10-piece set

  • 3-utensils for proteins, starches and vegatables
  • Cereal scoop which make taking that special-k challenge a little easier (so tempting to add extra pieces of strawberries to the bowl 😉  )
  • Salad dressing measurer
  • Cookie pro allows for accurate servings
  • A pasta sauce spoon

I'm sorry but a world without counting calories and measuring with several different utensils is a happy one for a dieter. Being able to walk up to the stove and allow yourself the same foods everyone else is eating simply because your managing your portions better is a yummy implementation to anyone's  kitchen accessories.

Once you use these utensils and scoops enough you can train yourself to eyeball what a real serving size looks like for moments when at a dinner gathering and don't want to pull the measuring utensils out of your purse or golf bag. 🙂


The Verdict

I love the Healthy Steps 10-Piece Portion Control/Weight Loss Utensil Set for allowing dieter's to learn a healthy lifestyle instead of being trapped by fad diets or weight loss gimmicks. I've got three kids and a hungry husband leaving me with very few options when comes to "moms diet food" that they will eat with me, so most nights I have to eat the same non-diet friendly meals but having better portion control will alleviate some unnecessary stress over accurate serving sizes.

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