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Myskinnyplates Ketogenic Diet Journey

After delivering my third baby March 12, 2015, I needed to find a way to lose the baby weight without falling into the abyss of yo-yo dieting. I needed to find a plan that would be sustainable and fun.

My mother had told me about the Atkins diet and how successful she had been and I tried it out the only thing I did differently was that I continued to stay in the induction phase a bit longer than she recommended because I was excited about how well I was doing on 20 net carbs - the weight was melting. After doing some research I learned that what I was doing (staying in the induction phase) wasn't something I created, in fact, it had a name for it. Ketogenic. I never looked back.

I started doing some Youtube Videos once I had lost 14 lbs. So that I could have an accountability just in case I was to fall of the keto wagon. I wanted viewers to see my trials and errors with the ketogenic lifestyle while showing them some of the recipes I was creating to keep this "diet" fun. I don't believe it's a diet as I feel it's a lifestyle change because I'm going to continue keto for a long time - even after the weight loss.

I began Myskinnyplate.com before I became keto if you're wondering why I have some recipes or blog post that don't pertain to the keto world. I started this site in hopes of losing the baby weight but it wasn't until keto that I started succeeding. It's my life now and now it's my chance to pay it forward and try and encourage other men and women struggling with their weight and confidence to give the ketogenic life a try - they have nothing to lose by trying except loads of fat loss. 🙂

So I welcome you to myskinnyplate.com and encourage you to check out my YouTube channel for inspiration and to laugh along with me as I make my way through an incredible life change. I'm also on Instagram where I share what I eat and drink ALL DAY LONG.

The Ketogenic Community welcomes you with bacon greased arms. 🙂



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