Indoor Exercising Bike to Improve Heart Health: When House Bound

The use of an indoor exercising bike is a terrific way to squeeze in a quick bike ride without having to leave your home while also improving your heart health.  Before I share a couple of the best Indoor Exercising bikes let me share some of the health benefits to cycling that outweigh the weight loss benefits (weight loss is an awesome incentive, though 🙂 ).

Indoor Exercising Bike Health Benefits

There is a lot more to cycling than a leisure stroll through the park or as a road-racing cyclist gearing up to win the Tour De France like Lance Armstrong. Many health benefits come along with riding a bicycle that can have long-lasting positive effects on your body. Not only is it beneficial for your health it is the most convenient way to exercise. You can bike ride anywhere you like providing it's not on a dangerous highway, or in the comfort of your own home with an indoor bike, it is now time to learn the important benefits cycling can have on your health.

First and foremost, the improvements cycling has on your heart is more vital than any other benefit you will get. Just by implementing bike riding into your daily routine you can expect to reduce your chances of developing coronary heart disease by an astounding 50 percent, now this is providing that you are cycling for more than five minutes in a local park, as you really need to pump up your heart rate to enjoy the full benefit. Start off small and work your way up to cycling 20 miles per week because you really don't want to get burnt out in the beginning and end up disliking the exercise resulting in you throwing in the towel.

Moreover, cycling really works your leg muscles and with that you develop more stamina. This added endurance begins to strengthen your legs muscle function, which is great for the hips and joints. Expect to see some cosmetic improvements, as well, because cycling tones your hips, rear end, thighs and legs.

Additionally, cycling is a great way to alleviate depression and reduces your stress levels brought on by every day living. You can also attribute the reduction in stress to being one with nature and feeling a nice cool breeze against your face. Sometimes people forget to stop and just breath a little before taking on another daunting task but cycling will remind you of what you need to add into your life to feel happier.

It is highly recommended that you find a well-lit bike trail that sees a lot of traffic from other cyclist to ensure your safety. You will have to invest in a bike rack that hooks to your car if you need to travel to a safer bike trail. However, since you're reading this article because you're more limited to indoor exercise you can just omit that little piece of advice--no mugging happens in the living room--well, unless you are a victim of a break in and I will stop the babbling there. 😉
Indoor Exercising Bikes for the House Bound Community

Long are the days of hopping on my bike and peddling it to a nice bike trail as it is just way too hard to pack up kids, diaper bags, hitch trailers for them to ride in and get them loaded into their carseats--by the time I'd get ready it would have felt like I had already finished my workout. Not to mention the many pauses in my race for a fast heart rate to change a diaper or bring a potty training kid to the nearest bathroom and daycare is not an option. I've excepted my fate and have succumbed to the indoor cycling community. Wanna join? 🙂

Here comes the Top immobile but yet portable (upstairs view or downstairs view today? Hmmm) exercising bikes out in the market. Forget feeling the breeze on my face or enjoying the terrain under my wheels I get to watch Nick Jr while I sweat off the lbs. It's a sacrifice I was willing to make to have beautiful babies while getting my body out of the stretchy clothes that feel oh so comfy after a meal of excess sodium. I'll shut up now and share with you the top exercising bikes out in the market--that is what you came here for not to read my ramblings and woe is me spiels. This is to say you even read it and didn't just scroll down to the goods. Oh my lord I'm still rambling. 🙁

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer

A Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike will not provide the sunny feel as the name suggest to your exercise routine but it does what you need it to do. I will admit it doesn't replace the open road but I losing weight and doing it while watching Daniel Tiger's neighborhood on Netflix (spin off to Mr. Roger's Neighborhood 🙂  I know you were curious, ha) and limiting the evil carbs--stay away from me you yummy whopper--I had it my way for 9 months and I saw it in my butt and arms.Sunny-health

I swear, when my kids get to the age of being in school all day I will go outside to bike ride every chance I get rain or shine I'm there--unless of course the rain is really heavy and the shine is so bright that I can't see where I'm peddling then I will just stick to the Indoor cycling, ha! Who am I kidding? Rain or shine? I hate being outside in the rain it makes me feel all itchy when I go back indoors. An hour to straighten my hair for it to get drenched on, nope.



  • Fully adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Transportation wheels for easy portability (hmm transport it to the backyard? Maybe I can feel the warmth on my face while the kiddies are in the sandbox)
  • Adjustable resistance with a press down brake system
  • Belt drive mechanism for smooth and quiet workouts (I had an ancient Pro-Form 928L bike that I got from a yard sale that shook the whole downstairs--exaggeration--it was too loud to use while the babies napped!)
  • Heavy duty steel frame with a 49lbs flywheel
  • Fully adjustable seat and handlebar


Q- Is it comfortable for someone 5'3" or that it can be extended?

A- It can be extended but the lowest I believe it will go is low enough for someone 5'1" to sit comfortably. Any shorter and I think you may have to trim some of the seat frame to sit well. It also suits someone up to 6 feet in height.

Q- What is the maximum weight capacity?

A- Their website says the max weight limit is 275 lbs.

This may be a cheaper model then some of the high-end overpriced models out there but that doesn't mean the quality is cheap this spinning bike seems pretty solid. It doesn't come with a fancy HR monitor but you can always get affordable accessories like a Fitbit that you slide up your forearm and it will tell you everything from how many calories you've burned based on your heart rate... you can't get anymore accurate than that as I find most exercising equipment can greatly overestimate the calories burned which is bad for the folks that like to eat back their calories when wanting to be at a specific calorie deficit.

Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle Stationary Trainer Exercise Bike

Ouch! Did you see the price of the With Computer Keiser M3 Indoor Cycler? That's a pretty hefty price, granted you get a lot of bells and whistles with it's built-in computer for tracking your calories, heart rate and power output but dang, only get this indoor exercising bike if you're really serious about sticking to the exercise routine. I say this because my mom has a body by Jake with 6 inches of dust stored in the garage she bought I think 8 years ago and used 2x. Then there is her ab roller that is used more of a toy for the grandkids. Sorry mom, I outed you. 😉 Unless you got it like that, you know extra funds to play with, I'd look at more affordable options but that is just me.

Let's check out some of these pricey features (I don't mean to sound biased I'm just bitter about my empty piggy-bank, ha.)Exercise-Bike


  • Sophisticated indoor training cycle with eddy current resistance system
  • infinitely adjustable resistance system for challenging workout
  • Smooth, whisper-quiet operation; 4-way adjustable seat
  • Computer tracks time, distance, calories, heart rate, and power output
  • Adjustable Shimano combo pedals

And the most awesomeness feature of them all...drum roll.

  • A nifty water bottle drink holder as My old yard sale stationary bike had a bottle hold but it was way to narrow to know... a water bottle. I could never figure out if that was meant to be an inside joke with the manufacturer but jokes on them because it worked great as a sweat rag holder--bam! In your face manufacturer's ...being lame alert*


Q- How can you keep the built-in computer powered?

A- 2 AA batteries. It is a self-powered bike and the batteries can last a good amount of time so no need to worry about the cost of replacing the disposable batteries.

Q- How portable is this indoor bike? Is it easy to carry to another floor level?

A- It weighs 85 pounds.

Q - Is this bike adjustable for a tall person to sit comfortably or vise versa a shorter person?

A - The seat adjust up and down while the handle bars move diagonally. From what I've read it sits nice for someone as short as 5'4" to a person as tall as 6ft. If you need great adjustments check out the Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle as that bike can suit someone in the 4ft something range and past 6ft.

That's it for right now my fingers are feeling cramped from all the typing but I will add more choices if I see a bike that catches my eye with features everyone can benefit from that is more affordable but not cheap in quality.

I think you see where I'm going with this article, though...I'm officially in-love with the idea of cycling indoors. Only for the fact that I never have to worry about crowds or dealing with that annoying bike rack that only my husband seems to know how to master while he shoots me that annoying "babe, this is a man's job" stupid look he loves to deny he gives. He really isn't a misogynist he just thinks he can do everything better than me and I so happen to be a female with no correlation to men can do better than chics.

Seriously though, it's hard to be a busy mom of three and throwing exercise into the mix is a task meant to be handle by, well, a super mom that we all have an innate ability to possess. Wow, I really don't mean to sound like an inspirational hallmark card. I'll leave that alone. Until then welcome to the Indoor exercise bike community--house bound but still improving heart health. 🙂 Have a nice day!


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  1. Wow, this is a long way from the old exercycle I used to have. It was noisy, and uncomfortable and generally unpleasant to ride. I’ve decided it’s time to get back in shape, and just don’t see myself making it to the gym every day. Another problem is that while I love to ride my regular bicycle, I’ve had to move into the city where traffic is terrible, so it’s better to have a convenient a indoor option. I appreciate all the good information you provided. I’ll look into it.

    • If riding indoors do make sure to eliminate distractions. I made the mistake of having my cellphone nearby where I had to keep pausing to respond to a phone call or text message, the “what if it’s an emergency” kept preventing me from getting a good sweaty workout. Meanwhile, at the gym you have so many people watching you (or my paranoia tells me I’m being watched) that you want to look like Lance Armstrong in a marathon, haha!

  2. After I had my last baby I noticed that in addition to other problems, my butt was kind of saggy. I decided to pull our old exercise bike out of the closet and start using it. I was amazed at how fast everything firmed up, so I know this is a great way to exercise. Unfortunately my old exercise bike has long since gone to the junkyard and since I’ve been looking for a new one I was interested to read this article. I honestly hadn’t even taken into account how good this is for heart health. Seems like a win-win. Has anyone else ever noticed a quick post pregnancy shape up with this form of exercise?

    • *Raises hands* I did, I did! I’ve had three babies and find that bike riding is the easiest and funnest (yeah, not a typo, I associated fun with exercise) way to get your mom bod looking hot or at least get it to look presentable in a one-piece bathing suit, ha.
      Tip – If your problem area is your butt, try doing the standup bike ride position – you know the position you would use to try and bike ride uphill, that will surely tighten up that behind of yours. 😉

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