Cheese Jalapeno popper stuffed chicken: Skinny taste good

Jalapeno popper chicken

Cream cheese Jalapeno popper stuffed baked chicken with a skinny taste bronco berry. I love the jalapeno popper's you would get at Arby's and my husband loves the bronco berry sauces but unfortunately I can't really indulge in them because of the breading and grease it is cooked in. Even the bronco berry sauce is a no-no with the cornstarch and corn syrup used--no bueno for low carbers. 

I fiddled around with a few ideas to recreate a fave but failed a few times. I tried using cream cheese stuffed jalapeno coated with crushed pork rind but the idea of eating pig skin made my tummy do some extra exercises that I didn't add to my daily exercise activity app. bonus calories lost. 😉

Jalapeno chicken breast stuffed recipe:

Most nights I make baked chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms and spinach that is so yummy but even I get bored of the same ole crap. Hmmm, what else can I stuff inside a chicken without adding to my carb limit? Bingo. I decided to try and use a chicken breast for the shell as a makeshift "breading" for the jalapeno popper. I rock, I know.

What about the bronco berry, you ask? Okay, this one was a little bit tricky until I found myself smearing strawberry jelly on my sons pb&j sandwich. One small pinky dab on the jelly knife and I almost busted out doing the "Carlton" dance.  <---If you don't get that reference then the 90's was a sad time for you.

Instead of the regular strawberry jam we would have to substitute with sugar free jelly. In order to get that hot taste then we need to add minced jalapenos and serve warm to soften the jelly up a bit.I hate jelly and certainly don't want to try the sugar free version of something I don't like so my husband was the tester for the bronco berry recipe.

However, instead of using the bronco berry sauce as a dip why not used it as a glaze, instead? Seeing as how I can't bread the chicken or coat it with barbecue sauce. The ideas just keep on flowing. 🙂 I always seem to discover new ideas while writing about another Idea or in the midst of the project at hand. Love it.

Stay with me now, so okay, we now have a chicken breast stuffed with jalapenos and cream cheese glazed with sugar free jelly and minced jalapenos. I must be crazy but let's try this out. I'm going to put this post on hold and go buy the groceries to make this makeshift jalapeno popper and check back in with ya once I'm finished baking it. 

I'm Back & Have Great Results to Report

Call me nutty but my weird little concoction actually panned out to be a dish that can be considered fun eating instead of a healthy boring dinner of yet another baked chicken breast Thursday. We've upgraded to Jalapeno Friday, folks!!!


My husband liked the glaze but as I mentioned previously is that I don't like jelly or preserves etc. I'm guilty of scraping it off and eating the baked jalapeno stuffed chicken breast on its own and that was a yummy skinny taste chicken dish. I don't know if my husband was being honest about the glaze but he did eat all of his meal and even took the last bite of chicken to scrape the little bit of glaze off his plate.

So I'm afraid I don't have a 100 percent guarantee about how the glaze will taste.

Side kick

I made an easy side dish of cheesy "fries" asparagus, which came out so yummy. If you want the recipe just let me know in the comments.

Here is step-by-step pictures on how to make the healthy cheesy Jalapeno Popper Baked Stuffed Chicken with a similar Arby's bronco berry sauce recipe.

I like to cut into the chicken breast to form a pocket but you could also use a cutlet and roll it up pinwheel style.

Jalapeno popper chicken

Follow it up by layering 1 ounce of cream cheese onto the first layer of jalapenos. Then add another layer of Jalapenos. Seal up with toothpicks (I used cut up skewer bamboo sticks because I had forgotten the toothpicks).Jalapeno popper chicken


Add the mock Arby's bronco berry recipe. That just consist of sugar free strawberry jelly and minced jalapenos.

Jalapeno popper chicken

Now here is the final product! I was in a hurry and couldn't find a proper chicken cutting knife so please excuse the jacked up cut job for the picture on the right. It looks like I used scissors to cut it. 🙂


Jalapeno popper chickenJalapeno popper chicken








UDATE: Since I don't like jelly I decided to go back to this chicken dish and use my creamy jalapeno sauce instead of the bronco berry glaze and it taste phenomenal, so if you don't care for the glaze you should definitely try out my creamy jalapeno sauce inspired by Taco Bell. Find the step by step ingredients creamy jalepeno sauce like Taco bell but slimmed down to be low carb here. I hope you enjoy my low carb cheese jalapeno popper stuffed baked chicken and please share with your friends.

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