Pasta Basket Jokari Healthy Steps Portion Control Review

Pasta basket

Portion Control is going a step above by allowing you to cook separate portions for your family and stay on track for weight loss check out this nifty pasta basket.

Picture the scenario for just a second, you're trying to lose weight but your family is not on board and doesn't want your specialty low carb, or low calorie pasta ruining their spaghetti night causing you to have to cook your "special" healthy pasta in a separate pot wasting dishes and water.



What if there were a way you can have the best of both worlds? Believe it or not but someone finally came out with a solution to this 1st world problem. The Jokari Healthy Steps Portion Control Pasta Basket allows you to a.) individually portion out the entire families portion sizes if you are all losing weight together or b.) allows you to cook your preportioned serving in the same pot while cooking the unportioned pasta that the rest of your family is having. They sell them in a 3-count or single.


By having this option, you can simply wait for the pot of pasta to boil and just lift up your own personal basket and pour onto your plate. Quite frankly, I hate having to boil my portioned out pasta in a separate pot in order to accurately calculate my calories.

Another note worthy mention is that if you have someone in your family that has special dietary needs stemming far from cosmetic reasons this, too, will come in handy. For instance, if a family member can't eat too much wheat then you can have their special pasta cooking while you get to enjoy your full wheat brand.

Q & A

  • How will the longer spaghetti strands cook in this portion controller?

Unfortunately, with this portion control strainer you will not be able to enjoy that noodle slurp that makes spaghetti so much fun to eat, but if you're more mature than I am then the trade off to lose weight will out way the childhood slurp we've all have experienced in one time or another. 🙂

With that being said, you will have to break the longer strands in smaller pieces for it to fit better and allow the noodles to be cook thoroughly.

  • Are there any other beneficial uses I can enjoy with this portion controller?

Yes! Even though it is not mentioned on their advertisements you can get some more uses out of this portion control than just pasta. You could place a portioned size amount of fruit, like strawberries, and use the bowl to rinse the fruit under cold water while straining the excess water. Also those fruit cups that come in that liquid, the fruit can be poured into the cup to strain the excess sugary syrup you don't want to eat. You can use it as an egg scoop as you can just scoop one egg out of the pot and it will drain the hot water back into the pot. This is great if one person likes soft boiled eggs while another enjoys hard boiled.

  • How good to multiple baskets fit on a pot?

If you're using a large pot then it fits great but if you're using a smaller pot then only one basket will work. if you use a larger pot you run into the annoying problem of using too much water--kind of wasteful. So unless your whole family is on board for weight loss or you feel you can get much more use have multiples lying around (very compact and collapsible, easy to store than larger bulky strainers) then the multi-pack will be a great add-on to your kitchen storage.

  • Does it cook in the same amount of time as cooking the pasta conventionally?

There have been reports of the pasta in the portion controller taking about 1-2 minutes longer to cook than the pasta that is cooking directly into the pot. Your mileage may vary or depending on the past you're cooking. It's really only a minor issue. Also, I'd recommend stirring the pasta a lot more since the basket may keep the pasta more compact leaving them susceptible to sticking.

  • Why use this portion controller basket if I can simply use a measuring cup or scale?

This basket works as a multi tool. It portions the pasta to an accurate serving line and it can be cooked in the "measuring cup" while also eliminating the big bulky strainer since you simply strain the water from the basket to the plate with no need to weigh out the pasta on a scale.


The Verdict

If you're following a weight watchers program or simply want to watch your portions more closely then the Jokari Healthy Steps Portion Control Pasta Basket is just what you need. Don't forget also that it will be beneficial to have if you have someone in your home (or guest) that has special dietary needs that are not associated with cosmetic concerns. Just remember that you will have to shorten the longer spaghetti strands down some in order for the pasta to fit and to stir more often to prevent sticking.

If you like this pasta basket then check out my review on the Healthy Steps 10-Piece Portion Control/Weight Loss Utensil Set review.

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