Low Carb Big Mac Casserole – Keto Diet Recipe

low carb big mac casserole keto diet

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Would you like a ketoriffic Big Mac without the carbs?

We didn't eat a lot of fast food growing up because my mom always enjoyed cooking. However, when we got the opportunity to visit the golden arches my siblings and I opted out of getting a lame happy meal as we wanted a mouth watering Big Mac from McDonald's. Fast forward to present day, and I'm doing a ketogenic lifestyle but my heart still pounds for the taste of the Big Mac special sauce.

Check out the video recipe of a low carb Big Mac Casserole. It only has 5.5 net carbs per serving. Add a bit more special sauce than I did as some parts tasted a bit too dry, but watch out for the additional calories. Enjoy! Like the video and subscribe to my YouTube Channel and as always sharing is caring. 🙂

Keto Big Mac Casserole


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