Top 10 Commandments Dieter’s Should Follow


 Top 10 Commandments Dieter's Should Follow

I know this list isn't as valuable as sharing the secret burial of the shroud of Turin, but many people don't follow these "no-brainer" tips for controlling their weight. This list of Top 10 Commandments Dieter's Should Follow is merely a refresher, or reminder of things one can do to stay in better shape--nothing top secret here.

#10. Thou shalt not think to do great on your diet plan for six days warrants a cheat day filled with gluttony

cheat day food










#9.   Thou shalt not start a diet saying the overused "the diet starts tomorrow," as the diet should start yesterday. In fact, start a skinny fit kit challenge with me, as I'm updating my daily progression.

diet starts tomorrow










#8.   Thou shalt not ask honest people if your pants give you muffin top because they will bust out singing "Oh, do you know the muffin man who dwells in Drury Lane." --I still refuse to apologize for that. You know who you are. 😉

muffin top- muffin man











#7.   Thou shalt not douse ranch dressing over your salad as this negates the benefits of the salad. If you need that much dressing, you might as well have three slices of pizza, instead, fewer calories, ha!

salad weight loss










#6.  Thou shalt ignore that irrational voice that screams at you when you slip up and have that one Oreo cookie, "I screwed up my diet, might as well eat the whole frigging package." STOP! That one cookie will take maaaaaaybe 10 minutes of simple activity (doing the dishes) to burn off versus a whole package that sets you back two weeks--ouch!

oreo cookie diet











#5.   Thou shalt ignore "lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks" advertisements, as you will be in the revolving door. Losing that same 10 pounds over and over again, i.e., if  you're losing weight that fast it is just water weight as you begin to eat normally then poof the weight comes right back bouncing you back to losing the same 10 pounds. Lose weight steadily, healthily, and realistically.

fad diets don't work








#4.  Thou shalt not listen to people when they tell you "come on, let loose you earned a day of all you can eat buffeting," because this person is bad, very, very bad! A couple of scenarios are happening here. a.) This person doesn't like you and sees you achieving weight loss results b.) They are heavy, and misery loves company c.) They're lonely and too embarrassed to go to an all you can eat buffet alone d.) Doesn't matter which choice applies to you don't reward yourself with (greasy) food, and sweets you're not a puppy.

Instead, purchase that pricey new dress now that you're down two dress sizes or that expensive fitness equipment--rewards should compliment you, not rewind your hard efforts. 😉

doggy treat diet








#3.   Thou shalt not intentionally ignore the servings a container of ice cream has. A tub may read 190 calories, but that is to serve 15 people. 190 calories x 15 servings = you screwed up big!









#2.   Thou shalt not assume one is not eating a full frozen pizza to themselves just because they split half and half with another person (I'll take half of your pepperoni pizza, and you can have half of my mushroom pizza so we can try both toppings) as it still counts as gluttony. Sadly, my mother and I are the inspiration to commandment #2 (Pssst...I was pregnant at the time, and she wasn't 😉 )

pizza bad for diet

The number one commandment of all

This last rule could be the most crucial rule of all to promote healthy eating and achieve optimal weight loss. I can't believe I'm going to share this secret with you all leaving me rambling for words to procrastinate what I'm about to share.

I'm still unsure if I should share this Top Secret rule. Alright, I will because I care about you readers.

#1.    Thou shalt bookmark and share with your peeps for daily updates.

Phew! I finally let that secret out. The weight has been lifted off my shoulders. 😉 🙂 😉

Have any comments or just want to add to the list? Submit your comments. Thank you!


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  1. I nearly peed my pants with the splitting of the pizza part, because my sister and I have done stuff like that.

    I nearly broke every commandment 🙂

    Even though, like you said, it’s not TOP SECRET INFO it’s stuff that reminds us of what we do to sabatage our diets and we just need to remind. Especially with the “doggy treat” part. My mother always adds a cheat day on the weekend as a “reward” but ends up eating enough to destroy the whole week. SMH

    Thanks for the giggle

    • I’m glad I helped you relieve yourself. LOL. Seriously, though, we’ve all broken the dieting commandments -even me, hence, the reason I typed this post up to remind myself to stop repeating the nonsense.

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