Low Carb Good Dee’s Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix Review

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A few months back I received a 2 carb per serving low carb snickerdoodle cookie mix from my monthly subscription to KetoKrate where they deliver to my door keto friendly snacks. Since I don't have much of a sweet tooth they've resided in my pantry - … more

What is the Ketogenic diet? A Beginner’s Guide to Keto

keto for beginners

After losing 40-pounds that I gained from my third pregnancy I have people asking me "How'd you lose the weight so fast?" and I'd say "I do the ketogenic diet!" or the shortened "I do Keto".  This is soon followed by "What is the Ketogenic … more

Easy Ketogenic Diet Meal Ideas – What to Eat on Keto?

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When you first start a ketogenic diet, it may feel a bit overwhelming in the early stages for a keto beginner, and this could deter someone from continuing which is terrible as the ketogenic lifestyle is an amazing one. The overall well-being you … more

Easy Carbquick Pizza Crust Recipe for Ketogenic Diet

ketogenic diet pizza recipe carbquick

It's ketogenic pizza time as I've had two boxes of carbquick sitting in my pantry for months because I was afraid to use it due to some claims of "slow carbs" or raising blood sugar, but I went for it. My first attempt at making this low carb pizza … more

Apple Watch Sport Review

apple watch sport review

  I've finally bit the bullet and bought myself an Apple Watch Sport now that I've been kicking butt on my ketogenic weight loss journey. My husband and I are very frugal poor, and I hate spending a lot of money on just myself. However, I … more