Precise Portions 4-Go Healthy Portion Control Plates Review

precise portions

Sometimes packing your lunch for work when trying to lose weight can seem more daunting than the act of going to work itself. You've got to measure out your portions. You've got to shuffle through the cabinets to find a lid that fits the tupperware dish you plan to use. Annoying. Alas, there may be a solution to all of this. The Precise Portions Go Healthy Portion Control Plates will be the talk of the break room everyone will be wanting a portion control plate.

Sporting these babies to your lunch break will get all the girls and guys whispering because it is the most ideal for portion control when on-the-go. Forget those stained up tupperware containers that lose their lids more than socks lose their pair in the dryer to the sock trolls. The Precise Portions Go Healthy Portion Control Plates are leak proof so that each section doesn't spill onto the next food compartment. If you're traveling with soup or something with sauce it is recommended that you freeze the night before to prevent any spilling but it's pretty good at keeping your food secure.


  • Microwave safe/dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a portion guide and shows how to use them
  • Lids are nice and tight preventing spillage
  • Great for diabetics
  • Ideal for pre-made dinners
  • Gives you and eye opener on how much you were overeating before
  • Food groups separated in compartments


  • Doesn't come with a lid lock
  • Many have said it leaks when tilted, however, many have said it was spill proof. Basically a 50/50 scenario


The Verdict

This is going to be a short review basically because there isn't too much to say about portioned on-the-go plates. They definitely  serve their purpose for the busy person packing meals to go that want to eat fast while eating right. I really like these plates because they help train your eyes to eye ball what portion sizes really should look like and not what fast food joints or restaurants make you believe.

Heck, I could make a meal last 3 nights on a meal from a popular restaurant chain (I will not give names) and a lot of the times people walk away clearing their plates because they were raised to eat what was served to them...the whole "there's starving kids in blah blah blah..." your dad would say at the dinner table leaving you no choice but to scrape every last stinkin' pea and carrot. Blech.

These portion control plates will also teach younger children that are a little on the heavy side to learn proper food management without feeling like they are being punished by measuring out their servings and being given nothing but health food--they can enjoy food like everyone else but learn when to stop scooping the mashed potatoes.
I really dig the Precise Portions Go Healthy Portion Control Plates and I'm pretty sure you will too! 🙂


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Rating: 4 (out of 5)

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