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It is Sunday afternoon and you're binge watching the entire list of seasons of the show "The Walking Dead," on Netflix or a lifetime movie and what better to binge watch T.V with than an also equally awesome binge on junk food.

Not good.

Fun eating had its chance and what did it leave you with? Muffin top, love handles and spare tires--yes, there are a lot of cutesy names to describe areas of your body you wish to hide in over-sized shirts but they don't look so cute. Mindless snacking has its place at the movie theaters (gotta live a little--I refuse to pack grapes to eat at a theater...bring on the Nerds and popcorn) but not on your couch where you can get away with sitting with a healthy portioned controlled snack.

I don't know about you but spending a a lifetime eating kale chips and carrot sticks seems pretty boring and doesn't carrots give you an orange complexion if eaten too much? Ha, don't quote me on that and I'm far too focused (for the first time) on this article to research the side effects of carrots. 🙂

Portion Control Plate TrimDish with Guide

The thing I like about the Portion Control Plate TrimDish is that you can portion your food on a regular plate and use the TrimDish as a cookie cutter if you will. That way you don't need to eat on a plate that screams I'M TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT for everyone to see. It's okay for lunches at work but sometimes many people don't want to advertise that they have trouble with portion sizes.

There is a section for your protein (Forget matching it up to a deck of cards...I don't keep cards with me 24/7), vegetables, fruit and the one group I'm guilty of overdoing a lot of the times, starch. Ooooooh starch how I miss you so much, but I can still enjoy you once in a while and with the help of a portion controller. Too bad this TrimDish doesn't come fully loaded with a hand that reaches out and slaps your hand if you're getting a little scoop happy with mashed potatoes.

I like how I don't have to deal with the hassle of measuring cups because I recently learned and I shared some light on this topic on my review on Kitrics Digital Nutritional Scale that measuring cups are not accurate. For months I was using these cups to weigh out my spaghetti sauce to find out I was over serving myself a bit more than I wanted, inadvertently, and that could potentially cause an excess of a few hundred calories a week that could have been spent on a dessert (drinky-pooh) or just a bonus calorie deficit.

Q & A

  • What are the servings sizes?

There is a line for 1/2 serving and if you fill to the top it is a full cup serving for the sides. The protein is your average recommended amount but now you wont have to stare at your palm like you're performing some kinetic energy experiment on your hand or looking like a Texas hold 'em champ with your handy dandy you look lame deck of cards.

  • What is the dimensions of this TrimDish?

8" inches in diameter which will fit any standard size plate up to 10" inches.

  • Is it good to use for all meals?

If the food you're eating can fit in the holes I don't see why not. It separates the food groups so that you always have the right amount of each creating balanced meals throughout the entire day. Bacon? I'm not too sure about bacon unless you cut them shorter but heck yeah you can use this for all meals. Very versatile.

Basically when it's all said and done is we all need to retrain ourselves into knowing what exactly constitutes as a serving of macaroni and cheese versus that big bowl most people consume. The Portion Control Plate TrimDish could be a great learning tool for your whole family and after a few months of use you may just need the trust of your own eyes to tell you when to stop shoveling the Au gratin.

Fun Experiment

As a fun experiment, without using the TrimDish, make an average nights dinner for you and your family (or just yourself) and portion the plate how you would normally. Then take this TrimDish and place it over the plate and really see for yourself why you were gaining weight and why you were struggling to lose the weight. You may learn something about your eating habits that you never knew existed or perhaps you were just accustomed to eating what many people eat around you.

I'm sorry mom, but I got my bad eating habits from her. My dad likes to joke around in the kitchen by saying "don't give me a Judy portion" because her servings were huuuuuuge. My mom was never large because she is always active with her work and gardening but there is no reason for us to sit with a plat of 3 servings of pasta and 4 large meatballs follow by all the yummy Italian bread with butter. Ohhhhhh crap, I totally made myself hungry (googling food porn after this...kidding 😉 )

Now that she is getting older her metabolism is slowing down and she's better at portion control but could've saved me some side effects with my three pregnancies if I was trained early on about the importance of portion control with a balance of all food groups. Let me note that this isn't a mommy bash article, I only have myself to blame for the way I used to eat when pregnant but young kids need a little guidance because they are far too young to understand cause and effect in regards to calories, carbs and the like.

I'm so not sharing this to my mom. I hope she won't find it. Eeeek. 🙁 Check out the Portion Control Plate TrimDish you will be happy you did.

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