Portion Master Skinny Plate Review

Call me corny but I thought it would be cute to review the Portion Master Skinny Plate simply because it has my websites name in it (no correlation between the company that manufacturer's this product and myself) seeing as how I've already done a couple of portion control plate reviews.

Portions Master Skinny Plate

These plates help you gradually reduce your portion control, instead of ending the fun eating we all like to do, cold turkey. You ease your way into what a healthy size portion for your desired weight should be.

Now with that said, since they only have the 215lb plate available (I will update this review when more plate options become available) so whoever buys this Skinny plate will have its portions made out for what someone who weighs 215lb should eat to maintain their weight. Until then there are other fantastic options to choose from that are very affordable which are Portion Control Plate TrimDish With Guide and the Precise Portions 2-Go Healthy Portion Control Plates.



Every time I'd go to KFC (when I allow for those fatty treats) I will get the mashed potatoes and gravy as my side of choice and an extra one on the side because of how dinky the portion size is. Seriously, a couple sporks in (they use sporks at my local chain) and I'm eyeballing my husband's plate.

However, if you think about it, that so-called "Dinky" serving size is what a normal portion should be! I've totally been overeating...thank goodness I'm always active otherwise I'd be using my husband's huge T-shirts as an actual shirt instead of a nightgown.

Everyone (unless you're perfect) is guilty of eating way more than they should and a lot of the time it's because we're uneducated on what a proper portion should look like as we all need to retrain ourselves to eat better. We go to restaurants that serve us portions so large that you could break it down into three separate meals, but none of us do--there are the rare few people that leave with a doggy bag. These restaurants have us trained into thinking this is how much food we should be eating, and it's the total opposite. Next time you go to a restaurant look at the kids menu, the portions served for children is the amount adults should be eating, and kids should only get served half the size of the kids meal.

I don't mean to sound all preachy because I'm guilty of it, too! I'm just glad there are products like Portions Master Skinny Plate and the many other portion control plates coming out on the market that offers people a solution to a weight problem instead of providing you quick fixes. It's healthy, and the whole family can partake in it. I was astounded when I discovered how much pasta I was serving my family when I saw what the recommended carbohydrate amount was on the skinny plate.

So when this Skinny Plate becomes available in all six sizes, they offer it will be fun to play around with them (the plates are sold on the portions master website just not on Amazon).

Example of how the skinny plate works:

Jane weighs 180lbs and wants to be at her ideal weight of 125lbs. Jane would then need to purchase the 155lbs plate first and eat the serving size someone that already weighs 155lbs would eat to maintain that weight.

Once Jane reaches her first goal of 155lbs, she can then buy the 125lbs plate and eat the serving size someone of that weight would eat to maintain their weight.

Before she notices it, she will have reached her ideal weight the healthier, more sustainable way.

Check out this terrific video explaining how the Portions Master Skinny Plate works by the inventor himself, Mike Caron, on the show Forbes Living TV

 (Source: Youtube - Forbes Living TV)


Weight Specific Plate

Out of the six sizes, there are the:

    • 275lbs
    • 245lbs
    • 215lbs
    • 185lbs
    • 155lbs
    • 125lbs

I like the options of sizes because say you weigh 275lb do you honestly want to wake up one morning and begin eating the amount of someone that is 125lb? I sure as heck wouldn't want that. Talk about food shock--I don't like playing the cold turkey game, so easing your way into healthier eating sounds better and much more sustainable. I think the steps are achievable. So weighing 185lb eating the amount for 155lb seems a lot easier to maintain than to get pushed right into the 125lb eating.


I for one don't think I could do the 125lb serving even though that is close to my current weight as the portions are just too small, so to compensate I just stay active with my exercising bike and chasing after the babies. I like food way too much but for others, the servings for that plate could be feasible without looking like a walker from the walking dead by the end of the night. I'm not pretty when I'm hungry, so I rather sweat on the bike for an hour and eat off the 400lb serving plate next level up. I'm just realistic with myself because I hate setting myself up for failure.

Come on Amazon and stock up the Portion Master Skinny Plate the loaded amount of unneeded carbs in my belly are depending on you! (Update: There are some plates in stock, but hurry they sell fast!)

* UPDATE: Portions master recently came out with some exciting new products that I'm eagerly waiting to try out, and I will update this post or make a brand new one specifically for these new products. I'm going to do the review in a different, more fun, approach.



  • Skinny plate
  • Skinny Pure - whey protein isolate drink
  • Skinny Restore - 7-day herbal body cleanse
  • Skinny Down - Weight loss supplement

I can't wait to test out the skinny fit kit because I'm going to update my progression each day by letting you readers know my energy levels, hunger level, and how the body cleanse makes me feel. The skinny fit kit isn't available through Amazon so you would have to get yours from the portions master website if you want to join me on the skinny fit kit challenge. I'm not sure when the kit will arrive, but I will keep you posted.

UPDATE: I will be launching my daily updates for the skinny fit kit very soon (update posted on April 29, 2016) and if you want to be notified and to follow my progress please subscribe to my email list) I will be doing an entirely new post for this because it will be too long and it deserves a fresh page. I'm excited to share how this "Skinny Fit Kit Challenge" goes. Join me?

The Skinny Fit Kit Challenge has begun - Skinny Fit Kit Challenge

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  1. hi can you tell me when you’re starting the kit challenge??? These extra pounds need to go ASAP but need some motivation. lol

    I subscribed so I can get your update but pleaaaaaze hurry…p.s I made the skinny beef stragonff (spelling?) and it was yummy do one on baked macaroni and cheese lol wishful thinking.

    • Great news! I will be posting my “Skinny Fit Kit Challenge” this Monday! I just received the product today and I love it, thus far. Keep a look out for an update on the first daily post since you’ve subscribed.

      Please note, it will be an entirely separate post and will not be on this page. I will leave a link from here, just in case.

      Thanks for subscribing!!

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