Skillet Kielbasa and Onions: Low Carb Doesn’t Have to Be Boring


I was looking for something to cook that didn't involve me strolling into the grocery store in my lazy Sunday attire and hit the jackpot once I had opened my freezer. What was staring back at me was a package of Kielbasa! Then it hit me. Awesome! Kielbasa is also low in carbohydrates. The only thing that was missing was cabbage but heck, anything was better than going into a crowded grocery store on a Sunday. Everybody shops on Sundays.



I completely had forgotten how simple it is to whip up a skillet of Kielbasa to be rewarded with that yummy smell of sauteed onions and Kielbasa permeate throughout the house causing preteens to put their smartphones down long enough to peek at what's for dinner.

Okay, okay, I know it's not my most original recipe to put up here but some people (like myself today) either forget or don't know that Kielbasa is low in carbs and very filling. So forgive me for not producing a meal worthy of being pinned to Pinterest. 🙂

The pictures I'm posting should at least get your mouth salivating as it did mine while I cooked (No saliva dripped onto any of the food as I prepared it--You have my word!)

Just take a little scroll down yummy land and look at some closeups of this perfect for a lazy Sunday meal.



KielbasaI like to dip my Kielbasa in mustard because a.) no carbs b.) no calories 3.) SO, so yummy!

You can however dip them into blue cheese dressing, creamy Jalapeno Sauce (recipe here.)

Or a low carb spicy Kielbasa dip (If you don't have a recipe for the Spicy Kielbasa dip just ask for it in the comments section until then I'm currently working on a post for my list of "favorite low carb dips" and it will be up shortly).







So even though this recipe isn't pin worthy I just thought there may be someone out there new to the "low carb community" and are still trying to figure out enough meals to last a full week without it becoming too repetitive and maybe this post may help add some more additions.

I mean, my first month going low carb I was soooooo sick of the site of baked chicken, eggs and steak that I'd rather eat cat food I because of the boredom from repeat dishes (Note* I was exaggerating about eating the cat food--too many carbs 😉).


Pair the Kielbasa with your favorite low calorie or low carbohydrate side dishes and you're all set! I chose asparagus and Green Giant Broccoli and cheese (for one). Filling!


  • Green Giant Just for One Broccoli & Cheese Sauce 1 serving (tray): 60 Calories/ 6 g net. carbs
  • Birds Eye Steamfresh Asparagus Spears 1 serving (6 spears): 20 Calories/ 2 g net. carbs
  • Hillshire Farm Beef Polska Kielbasa 1 serving (2 ounces): 170 Calories/ 2 g net. carbs
  • Yellow Onion (med) 1 Serving: 11 calories/ 2.75 g net carbs


For a quick, easy and filling dinner it sure is low in calories and carbs--you may even be able to scoop an extra serving of Kielbasa if your daily allowance can allow it.

If any of you readers out their would like to help out and add any special ways of cooking Kielbasa that is more creative while being low carb to help any newbies out feel free to leave them in the comments.

***I didn't add nutrition info for butter that most people skillet their kielbasa and onions in because I try to avoid extra calories and omitted the butter, but you can and I'm sure it will taste even better--I just skillet with added water. I'm lame. 🙂




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