Skinny Fit Kit Challenge Day Four

Good morning everybody here is day four of my portions master the Skinny Fit Kit Challenge. As you can expect I'm still happy to report high energy levels, no issues of hunger and the 7-day detox nearing its end in three days and clearing my skin. I'm also happy to report that I stepped out of the box with the food I was filling the skinny plate with. I had fun thinking of some new skinny plate recipes, so keep reading and bring your bib.

Portions Master Skinny Fit Kit

I had such an incredibly busy day today that this post will only contain pictures of my dinner because I was running around too much to take proper photos of my lunch and the whey isolate drink. I definitely took pictures of my excellent dinner, which I will get to in a moment.

Now, if this is your first time stumbling onto this skinny challenge, and you're feeling confused, well, here is a link to Day one, Day two, and Day three to get caught up because you are really going to want to be apart of this challenge or at least follow it and get an idea of your next weight loss challenge.

If you want to join me on this, you can get your own skinny fit kit on the portions master website.

Okay, back to day four.

Skinny Pure Protein Whey Isolate

Since I had a super busy day today, this drink became my go-to for breakfast and mid-afternoon snack. I made sure to carry an extra bottle of water with me and so I pre-scooped the chocolate powder into a ziplock bag so the container wouldn't sit in a hot car while I did what I needed to do.

Skinny Down - Burn Effect

The skinny down metabolism booster has been keeping my body running without the need for a quick sugar rush from a small size bag of Swedish fish that would usually take center stage on a busy day. Swedish fish isn't bad for you, and it's fat-free, but it's not the greatest choice either. I love those cute red swimmers, and I will back them up 100%. 🙂

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Skinny Restore

If you've read day one, you will know what this section is all about. It is still doing it's thing except more so at nighttime causing me to lose some sleep. If sleep is important to you, then take the "before bed" serving a couple of hours earlier or forgo the third and stick with morning and afternoon. I can live on little sleep being such a morning person that it is what it is.

Skinny Plate

I made the tastiest, low-calorie dinner tonight that I can store into my "skinny plate recipe" box to keep this challenge from getting boring as I don't know when I am going to stop the challenge.

I made grilled chicken stir-fry with an Asian vegetable medley, and it was filling. I used rice noodles instead of the other kinds of stir fry noodles other people use. It's lower in calories, and one serving goes a long way. I added Chinese style hot mustard to my portion and wow! I took my portion out before I mixed my families up to get my individual amount and also to allow me to take a picture of each ingredient separated into the skinny plate dish first.

The entire meal came out to 267 calories. You did not misread. 267 calories for the entire portion including the stir-fry seasoning. I was stuffed. That's what so great about rice noodles, like a box contains enough for four people but once you cook it, the noodles expand so much that it looks as though you just prepared two boxes worth of angel hair pasta.


  • High energy levels
  • Detox is still pulling the "Drano Effect" on me
  • Weight - down 4 ounces for a total of 4.7 pounds lost in 4-days
  • Hunger is mild - crept up around 9 o'clock tonight but that was because it was movie night and I was watching "Creed" because I'm a die-hard "Rocky Balboa" fan and this movie was amazing and I recommend you watch the movie. "YO Adrian!" 🙂

I really hope I get some more people to join in with me as it will be a lot more fun. I know I have people reading my journey because the hits these posts have been getting have been high, so quit being shy and voice what you have to say in the comments below. I won't bite, trust me, my appetite has been suppressed lately, haha!

Go onto and get yourself a kit and join me. If it's not in your budget right now at least try and follow the portion sizes with me. You can do this by making a mock "skinny plate" by measuring out the correct portions with a cardboard stencil cutout. No shame in doing that. 🙂

* Due to my busy schedule, I will discontinue the daily post an update weekly, instead. The challenge is going great and I've got plenty of energy - thankfully considering the week I've had. I will keep you posted.

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