Skinny Fit Kit Challenge Day Three

I've got to tell you that I'm having such a great time with this Portions Master Skinny Fit Kit challenge because I'm making this my weight loss accountability for all to see, and the last thing I want to do is fail in front of others. It is so easy and guilt free breaking a diet when nobody knows you're on one. But if everyone knows you are on one you better believe I'm not going to get my hands caught in the Pringles tube. I bet you thought I was going to say cookie jar? 😉

Skinny Fit Kit Challenge Day Three

I awoke today feeling pretty good about myself and had already made plans in my head of all things I wanted to accomplish today before I even brushed my teeth. Typically the thought of sitting at my desk writing articles for 8 hours makes me feel grumpy until I have some percolating coffee in my system. Don't get me wrong I love to write but when you're working for someone else and writing what they want you to write it can be pretty daunting as today I had to write about reclaimed wood. Snooze. However, I did learn how to make a cool patio table out of an old pallet.

WHOAH - I'm sorry I started rambling off-topic. Anyway, what I'm getting at is that I woke up with so much physical energy and with so much positive energy that nothing could piss me off.

I think this because of all those mean ole toxins I've been evicting.

Skinny Pure Whey Protein

shaker cup whey protein meal replacement

I'm still not sick of drinking the skinny pure protein isolate drink, which is weird because I'm not much of a sweet person, as once in a while I will crave chocolate and things of that nature. I think I like it because it is such a quick way (not whey) to get some breakfast in your system without feeling sluggish. I always feel sluggish if I eat don't breakfast but come noon time I'm eyeballing fast food logos.

Having this drink every morning instead of skipping breakfast altogether is keeping me satisfied until noontime where I will have the proper mindset to stick to healthy portion-controlled options.

Skinny 7-Day Detox Restore

I will make this one quick as you can refer to the day one where I went into full details and will spare you anymore, but I must say it is still doing its job, and I feel a difference in the way my body has been feeling. I'm still taking them 3x a day instead of spreading it out for 21 days. So my experience will be different from someone that's not taking as much as me.

Skinny Down

I this metabolism burner is not only increasing my energy but also suppressing my appetite. It may just be in my head because around 3-4 o'clock I was looking for some fruit to snack on and remembered that I hadn't taken the skinny down capsule yet. I took it with some water and got distracted from my fruit excursion in the fridge (Solicitor at the door offering lawn service - I'm sorry I enjoy doing my yard work because of the exercise) and never went back to finish what I had started because I lost my appetite.

Portions Master Skinny Plate

Now to the yummy side of this post. I told you yesterday on my DAY TWO post that I wanted to use the plate as a platter for my turkey wrap because obviously you can't put sandwiches on this plate, but you can still measure out your sandwich ingredients.

Before I would stuff my wraps so much that I would have tears on the sides of the bread and my filling would fall out - I was a bad girl.

Today I was a good girl. 🙂

Here we have my portioned out turkey and cheese wrap fillings, and folded up flatbread. If you're wondering what the wrap I used was called, it is a spinach and herb flatout light bread with only 90 calories per serving. I used pepper jack cheese consisting of 80 calories and oven roasted turkey measured in 2 ounces for 50 calories. Lettuce is null.

I told myself if the wrap somewhat fits in the carbohydrate slot it still counts regardless of the edges sticking out because it is only one serving already preportioned. So ha!

The dinner was a not so impressive lemon and garlic butter salmon filet. I've never liked fish aside from tuna fish sandwiches so I wasn't looking forward to dinnertime like I usually am as the kitchen smelled fishy. Blech. But I bought the fish because it is good for you very low calorie and high in protein and not to mention that my local grocery store had these yucky fish on sale. Who can resist a sale? I didn't even care about the small portion and was tempted to toss the fish to my cats that were staring at me like they were on a weight loss challenge themselves. But I don't give animals table food - they could get sick. So I ate the dang thing. Alright, I'm shut up about the fish.

Just venting on here about my yucky fish dinner. Stopping now. 🙂

I have to come up with some yummier recipes for this plate for you all to get some more ideas to work with to keep this from getting boring. In different styles of dishes, i.e., Italian, Mexican, Chinese, etc. I'm not a chef but I am a professional nutrition sniper and can spot all the low-calorie options in a flash. Doesn't mean I always migrate to them I spot them to avoid them, ha, kidding. Another reason why I love this challenge I'm holding myself accountable online for all to read and so this will keep me good at the grocery store. Below is that awesome fish dinner I told you about.


  • High levels of energy (annoyingly energetic again)
  • Hunger was controlled and I felt comfortable with each meal never feeling deprived - accept during a pizza commercial but that is normal as I want pizza even when I'm stuffed as a moose
  • My weight stayed the same and that is completely fine because I had lost 4.3 pounds (water weight/cleansing) and don't expect to lose any more than 1-2 pounds of weight that will stay off.
  • The only issue I'm having is there is not a whole lot of foods I can put in the plate i.e., having a small sandwich, or lasagna, one slice of pizza, etc. but that's when you need to use your best judgement for items that can't go into this plate. You need to know that 1-2 small slices of pizza is fine but 4 slices loaded with extra cheese and pepperoni is not.

See you all tomorrow for day 4!


Please join me and share your experience in the comments section & you can get your very own kit at - Let's get skinny and fit together. 🙂


In case, you missed day one and two click the link

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