Skinny Fit Kit Challenge – DAY TWO

Welcome everyone to my Skinny Fit Kit Challenge - Day Two of my daily progression posts. As you all know I had great results on my first day on this challenge, but did it keep going in that direction? Read on to find out how my progress is going.

If you missed DAY ONE of the challenge just click on the link provided.


I woke up feeling more energetic than usual and excitedly skipped walked to the bathroom to do a weigh-in because I felt my pajama pants were ever so slightly loose.

Purify the Body

There looking back at me was 4.3 pounds gone. I'm a rational person, so I know that it wasn't fat lost, but instead all of those nasty mean toxins my body has been flushing out for two days. Now, I'm hoping someone can help me figure out exactly what ARE toxins because I only know of the environmental ones we breathe in i.e., secondhand cigarette smoke, automobile fumes, etc., but I would like to learn more about these infamous toxins that need to vacate the premises.

What I do know about toxins is that two days ago I was feeling sluggish, heavy, and all around blech. Two days later, I feel annoyingly energetic (Family member called me that. Pfft.) less hungry, and motivated.

I do feel that my body is being purified and I can tell not just by how I feel but by how I look. If I wasn't so bashful (I'm surprised I put one up on this site ) I would've put a before and after photo of my face to show you how after only two days my face has a little bit of a glow to it. Like a sun-kissed type of glow. I don't know how to explain it.

Whatever toxins are they were making my life not so sunshine and pickles before I started the diet cleanse.

Portions Master Skinny Plate

I only used the portioned controlled plate for my dinner today because I had two of the protein isolate drinks and a turkey and cheese wrap for lunch. You can't fit the turkey wrap into the portioned plate. However, I was tempted to take a picture of my wrap squeezed into the carbohydrate compartment of the dish, my lettuce and pickle in the green compartment, and my 2 ounces of turkey; and my slice of cheese into the protein compartment.

Actually, you know what? That does sound fun to do and it's still showing the proper amount of food we should be eating, except I'm not too sure I can fit the wrap into the tiny carb slot but the nutritional information says one serving size per wrap, so I am sticking to the portion. Stay tuned for day three on the wrap unveiling, ha.

I just bought some more spinach and herb wraps and they are so yummy that I'm going to have it again for lunch tomorrow, but I will use the portion controlled plate as a "platter" type of display before assembling the wrap.

Moving on.

Good news and maybe bad news for some people. I found my shaker cup and I had to retire Mr. Tiki man from my daily pictures. I know some of you probably grew somewhat attached to him but he was making my life hell when trying to stir the isolate. I kept getting left with unstirred powder balls. My shaker cup mixes up the whey powder so well that I found it tasted better than I originally thought. No worries, though, Mr. Tiki man will still be loved from afar in my cabinet. 🙂

shaker cup whey protein meal replacement

If you're wondering why I haven't put up anything about breakfast is because I'm taking the whey protein as a meal replacement for the mornings because every time I eat breakfast something inside me makes me extra hungry throughout the day and I also feel sleepy - my body is weird. Day two of having the whey protein for breakfast I'm like Flo from the progressive insurance commercials - remember? A family member called me annoying energetic. LOL.





Let's jump into dinner, shall we?

I cooked up Turkey Kielbasa, creamed corn, and my favorite Greek salad. A little bit of mustard on the side and I was good to go. I never knew dinner time could be so fun when you enter picture taking and food stencils to the mix. Yeah, I've been calling the portion controlled plate a "food stencil" sounds better.

Here is the before shot of my dinner residing in the food stencil - the name will catch on.

skinny fit kit challenge to lose weight

Here's the unveiling of my portion controlled meal. WALLAH!

lose weight on the skinny fit kit challenge

What's the Color of My Plate?

Before the portion plate became an addition to my dish set I would have placed three times that amount on my plate. Need an image? Okay, picture the white plate above completely covered leaving no site of the plate. For all I knew it could've been eating on a blue plate the way I would have it covered with too much food. Grant it, I've always eaten healthy food, so my weigh never got out of control aside from my three pregnancies, but I could stand to lose a couple pounds and I now see what I have been doing wrong.

The problem was that my body got used to such big portions regardless of it being healthy food that if I lowered the amount I would be starving 1 hour after dinner. The portion plate is helping me to get back into the right amount of eating while the protein whey isolate and appetite suppressants are helping me adjust to lesser food.


Recap: If you're wondering why I'm not going into detail about the detox product and energy supplement its because I did a detailed review on my DAY ONE post that I didn't want to keep rehashing the same information and just stick to the daily post of how everything is going and how I'm feeling, etc.

  • Weight loss - 4.3 pounds but I know that wasn't fat because you can't burn fat that quickly. However, whatever it was it was mean and kept me feeling like blah - good ridden.
  • Energy Levels - Please refer to the "annoyingly energetic" part of the post 🙂
  • How I'm Feeling - I feel light on my feet and motivated to clean out my son's toy room - Gasp!
  • Hunger Level - Around 3-ish is the time I feel like a walker from The Walking Dead ( I love that show!) and I take the whey isolate and it keeps me sane until dinner time. Before the shake came around I'd be traipsing through my kids leftover Easter candy. Bad mom.

I won't talk about the "disrespecting the toilet" aspect, anymore, as I feel that I covered that enough yesterday, ha. I will say today I spent less time in the bathroom but more than usual before the cleanse. 🙂

Overall, this Portions Master Skinny Fit Kit has given me a tremendous kickstart back into a lifestyle I had before the holidays caused me to fall off the wagon. I'm really enjoying it and I wish all of you would join me on my weight loss journey because it's always fun to have friends doing the same thing as you - it is a 150% motivator when you have buddies that relate to gab about the progression.

Please join me and you can get more info at the Portions Master Website and you can share your experience with the skinny fit kit in the comments below.


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  1. I have a question for you, but I’m worried that the women police may send torches to my home.

    Here is my situation, my beautiful wife just had our 2nd baby 7 months ago and she’s really struggling with her weight. It was easy for her to bounce back after the first child but our second is different.

    I know it may be her portion sizes because she’s kind of used to eating for two..u know?

    Anyway, um, mothers day is coming up and I was wondering since you’re a mom would it be wrong if I bought her this kit you are talking about for a mothers day gift? Of course i will get her something else that is pretty but I think she needs support and joint this challenge of yours may motivate?

    The real question is, will I get thrown to the dog house for “surprising” her with the kit? I’m confused because (I could care less if she ballooned to be 500 pounds as I love my wife and she gave me my kids, i don’t care about her weight..beautiful regardless) I just want to make her happy. Please help. Mothers day is very soon and I need delivery in time for the gift.


    • Matt, I advise you NOT to get her this skinny fit kit for her mother’s day gift, that’s a day when a mother wants to feel special. To have the one person she is VERY intimate (her husband) with to give her a “weight loss” type of gift will just depress her even more.

      Just stick with the pretty gift you were thinking of and maaaybe ask a female friend/sister/mother of hers to suggest joining this challenge with me? Also, if you’re struggling with your weight (I don’t know) maybe get the kit and suggest you do it together, but absolutely, without a DOUBT don’t get her a weight loss tool for mother’s day/birthday/anniversary/Christmas/Hanukka, etc. That’s asking for trouble. Unless, of course, you both have a more open relationship.

      Maybe other women can chime in. Good luck, Matt. Your wife is a lucky woman to have a husband that is reaching out to help her with genuine intentions.

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