Skinny Fit Kit Challenge – Plus Review

Welcome everyone to my "Skinny Fit Kit Challenge" that I will post my daily progress with Portions Master's new product Skinny Fit Kit. I'm so excited to be starting this and I love it, thus far. This article will display my daily energy levels, my hunger levels, and weight loss - if any.

(Please note: as mentioned in a previous review, there is no correlation between the portions master website and my mine - they have a product called skinny plate and that just happens to be in my website name).

Skinny Fit Kit Challenge

I don't want to do a regular review because that is overdone. I want to share my daily experience, instead. Day-by-day rather than to sum it all up in one post (snooze). This way I can showcase the highs and the lows, which day I felt good and what day I felt crappy, you know? For instance, when you first begin a new diet, you will initially feel hungry like a walker from "The Walking Dead" but most people don't share that aspect and just go for the meat and potatoes "I lost weight!" Yeah, okay, but what was the early process like, hunger pains, etc.? This will be my diary, my journey to lose weight and eat well while doing it in a long-lasting way.

I will share if the scale goes up or down, but I'm not sharing my weight with an online community, nope, nada - ain't happening. πŸ™‚

Instead, I will do this:

  • I lost this many ounces today
  • I gained this many ounces today
  • The scale flat lined and stayed stagnant
  • I had so much energy today
  • I napped all day - so tired
  • The supplements left me feeling great
  • The supplements left me feeling blah

I want to talk about each & every day so you can vicariously (or join me) experience this through me.

Let's roll...


Comes in four steps:

  • 1 Step - Skinny Plate - Three portions controlled plates. One is for those wanting to weigh 185lbs. One is for those wanting to weigh 155lbs. Lastly, one for those that have a goal of 125lbs
  • 2 Step - Skinny Pure Whey Protein - snacking in-between meals isolate. Variety of flavors
  • 3 Step - Skinny Restore 7-day - Herbal detox for seven days
  • 4 Step - Skinny Down Burn Effect - Boost Metabolism & Get energized



I started my day without any time to eat a sit-down breakfast, so I took advantage of the on-the-go Skinny Pure whey protein isolate. The directions called for 8 ounces of water to the one scoop ratio - it also said you could add more or less based on your preference in thickness.

Well, I did 12 ounces thinking I was going to get the taste of chocolate milk - watery. I then poured the watery drink out and remade the whey isolate with the recommended 8-ounces, and it was so yummy. I will show a picture of my chocolatey masterpiece below, but I will warn you that I couldn't find my shaker cup, so I had to improvise with my Tiki cup I got at Joe's Crab Shack when my sister and I took our Dad out for Father's day. Don't laugh at my cup.

Mr. Tiki Man

whey protein skinny fit kit chocolate


Respect the Tiki cup πŸ˜‰







Skinny Restore

Next, you get the Skinny Restore 7-day herbal detox which I needed after a week of family get together's filled with Tres Leche Cake, black beans and rice, and Lobster stew - gasp! By the end of the week I was bloated like a blowfish. I must admit, when I opened the restore container, I became a bit intimidated by the packet of 10 caplets, yes, ten caplets that you consume 3x a day with every meal and 8 ounces of water. You can also stretch it out for 21 days by reducing the amount you take each day. I'm taking the 7-day route. Thirty capsules plus one more (I'm getting to that) seems like too much, but the results outweigh the negative.

Warning: I don't know if it was the skinny restore or the skinny down (discussed below) but holy heck my stomach was hurting and extended so far out I looked four months pregnant. However, it was my fault for the ill side effect, as the container for the skinny down says to take with meals and I think the skinny restore said to eat a sensible meal. Remember? Apparently I don't follow directions (watery whey) and should've eaten when taking the supplements. I will not make the same mistake twice - eat when you take the supplements and chase it down with 6-8 ounces of water. I wonder if this article will break the record for the most times "skinny" was mentioned. Ha. (Update: I now know why my stomach reacted the way it did.)

Pack a Toilet with you if you Leave your home

As mentioned above, I was thinking my stomach reacted the way it did because of not eating when I took the supplements - nope. Apparently I'm a bonehead that obviously had a different Idea about what a detox cleanse meant. I foolishly assumed it was just like "taking a daily vitamin" uh uh.

I now know why my stomach looked four months pregnant - it was preparing for the "Drano Effect" and I didn't realize this until I was a mile away from my home. Luckily for me, I was on my way home and not heading somewhere. I ran inside so fast that I nearly killed myself because of my two cats that love to wrap around my feet until I do as they say and "fill our bowls woman!" nearly fell face forward running to disrespect the porcelain throne. I apologize if that was TMI, but a lot of people haven't detoxed or cleansed before and need to know the side effects. πŸ˜‰

On a lighter note (pun intended) I don't know if this was a placebo effect I was experiencing, but every time I went to disrespect the toilet -which was many times that today - I think I could feel the toxins leaving my body every flush of the way. Alright no more toilet talk, ha. I'm sorry.

Skinny Down - Burn Effect

For some energy and a revved-up metabolism, you then take the Skinny Down Burn Effect capsule. It's a great weight loss supporter, and I never got shaky from taking it like I've experienced with previous "energy boosters" leaving me in panic attack mode. Scary.

Skinny Plate

Lastly, the skinny plate itself. I packed the plate to take with me for when I was out and about, and I didn't get any pictures of my meal for lunch (I already had watchful eyes as I used my new food stencil, ha) because I'm too shy to have people watch me take food selfies. However, I did take photos of my dinner. These pictures are going to be a real eye-opener for some of you as it was for me.

My plate had been designed for my next achievable goal of reaching 125lbs, and damn, no wonder women of 125lbs are so thin; there's not much food - but it is what a proper portion should be, unfortunately. However, thanks to the shake and supplements I didn't have much of an appetite come dinner time.

I had one shake, my lunch of grilled tilapia, vegetables, and a tiny serving of mashed potatoes and I was content. Strangely, because every time I've ever come down from a carbohydrate and calorie binge (refer to family get together) I'm starving the first few days of bouncing back into the healthy swing of things.

I didn't want to wake up over hungry causing me to "Throw caution to the wind" so I made myself eat dinner regardless of being comfortable. I had rotisserie chicken, brown rice with peas, and my infamous Greek salad. I will confess to overflowing the salad section, but if you think about it lettuce is so fluffy that it took too much "air real estate" and doesn't count, ha - plus it's in my vegetable section - the good guy. πŸ˜‰

portions master skinny fit kit 125lb

And now for the unveiling of the ideal portion controlled meal bum bum bummmmmm

skinny plate portions master review

Here we have rotisserie chicken, brown rice, and peas, and a yummy Greek Salad portioned out for someone wanting to be or to maintain his/her weight of 125lbs. I know what you're thinking, look at that sad display of a small portion of rice. It looks like the portion size pate from one of the "Fancy Feast" cat dinners I feed my two cats.

Recap: Enjoyed a meal replacement drink for breakfast, had continuous energy until lunch time. I didn't need to snack before dinner because I was satisfied by my lunch and the supplements I took - appetite suppressant? Finalized the day with a yummy dinner that I gladly forgo the weighing and measurements that usually occupy my dinner prep time. Instead, I had fun taking pictures of my meal.

Overall, day 1 was a success! I doubt I will see any weight changes overnight; that's not realistic. However, maybe some water weight from the detoxing properties in the Skinny 7-Restore to de-bloat my blowfish syndrome.

Update: I'm posting my daily progression each morning after - so right now is "morning after" and I wanted to mention how much energy I awoke to, as I didn't even bother making coffee. I was in the bathroom flushing away toxins (officially the last time I will bring up the toilet- wink) which I think will remain like that for the total 7-days but worth it. I did lose 3 pounds overnight, but that "weight" was either water weight or the toxins I flushed, lol.


Oh and, if you want to be totally awesome you will subscribe to enjoy real-time notifications of my journey and success. Or at least share this article as I feel it is a great Kickstarter for a new healthy diet and If I get more people to join in then it will help keep me motivated, as well. Teamwork. πŸ™‚

If you need more info on the skinny fit kit check out

Add your experience to the comments below



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  1. I hate chocolate are there any other flavors?

    Off-topic but just wanted to mention that I have four cats and they all nearly send me to my early grave walking down my stairs every morning – i have to feed them before I can collect my bearings with COFFEE!!!!!! I always tell them “what good am I to you if you kill me before I get to the cat food?” but they don’t understand English.

    Whoah – really went off topic. Anywho, any other flavors? πŸ™‚

    • I know they have Vanilla as an alternative to chocolate. Um, you might be able to dice a strawberry into the shaker cup to give it a strawberry flavor if vanilla is not another you like.

      As for the cat situation – my two cats are a Russian blue breed, perhaps your cats were from the same litter?? πŸ™‚ Ha!

  2. Sounds great, I just ordered the chocolate and the kit for portion measuring. I will comment later on my results.

    • Oh please do share, as a variety of different experiences will help a lot more people than just one experience. Thanks for joining!!!

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