Surf’n Turf Yourself Skinny

Surf'n Turf Skinny

Surf'n Turf Yourself Skinny

Most hardcore low carber's and keto eater's already know the benefits to eating steak on their diets, but many novices out there are still learning exactly what they can and cannot eat. This article is more geared towards the newbies.

Looking at the picture enclosed you'd think I was sabotaging my diet but in reality this dish is a main stable in my weight loss journey. You see, steak doesn't have any carbs, providing you don't cover it up in carb filled sauces and marinades, and is extremely filling. Tip: Do not weigh yourself the next morning after eating a steak dinner the night will not be an accurate reading and you don't need unnecessary stress when trying to lose weight.

The next is shrimp, again, another zero carb food. Just let me point out something real quick. In the picture I'm sharing, it shows 1/4 cup of cocktail sauce and I barely needed 1/8 of a cup. Cocktail sauce has a lot of carbs in one serving so only dab a little on your shrimp. I used 1/8 of a cup because I had plenty carbs left over to spare and I love cocktail sauce.

You don't always have to eat like a King for breakfast and a Pauper for dinner to lose weight

I'm going to give you a break down of my dinner to better explain.

Sirloin steak: 10 ounces 530 calories 0g carbs 19g fat (way too much steak saved the rest for the next night so 265 calories 9.5g fat)

Fresh sliced portabella mushrooms: 1 serving  20 calories 3g carbs 2g net carbs (net is the one you count) 3g protein

Yellow onion: 1/4 cup serving 11 calories 2.75g carbs 0.25g protein

Broccoli: 1/2 cup 16 calories 3g carbs 2g net carbs 1.5g protein

Baby carrot: 3 carrots 12 calories 3g carbs 0.69g net carbs 0.3g protein

Shrimp: 8 ounces 160 calories 0g crabs 2g fat 36g protein

Cocktail sauce: 1/8 cup 30 calories 6g carbs 0.5g net carbs 0.5g protein

Total Calories: 779 Carbs: 17.8g Net Carbs: 14.6g (this is the only total you count for carbs) Fat: 21g Saturated: 7g Sugars: 10.4g Protein: 125.6g

Note: If you are like me and think 10 ounces of steak is far too much cut it in half for another night making your new calorie count 514, which is awesome for a very filling meal. Also adjust accordingly to the spices, sauces and extras you add. My counts were based on using only a bit of Montreal steak seasoning. So this dinner is not only low carb friendly but low cal friendly as well.

Okay so if you had a 400 calorie breakfast, a 400 calorie lunch plus your 779 calorie dinner that brings your grand total: 1579 calories (if you only ate half the steak 1,314 leaving you room for a low carb snack or diet friendly drinky-poo 😉 )

Now go surf'n turf yourself skinny and thank me in the comments section or subscribe/share as I love positive feedback--makes me feel all warm & skinny inside. 🙂 Have a nice day!

Surf'n Turf Skinny

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