The Day Off Diet: What Foods You Should Eat That Day


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Before you put on your 'eat all day' pants think long and hard about what your goals are and what results you want. The 'day off diet' isn't a day of gorging but a day of chilling the hell out without being reckless. I will share with you the foods you should be eating on your 'day off diet' so please join me. Let's tackle weight loss together.

Day Off Diet Food List:

I wrote a little bit about Dr. Oz's 'day off diet' in my article titled The Day Off Diet: Reason You Stopped Losing Weight because I knew from experience that unless you are more educated on a topic you could end up destroying the main purpose of what you're trying to accomplish, which is to lose weight fast and keep it off.

When I first embarked in the unfavorable community of never ending yo-yo dieting I first was introduced to the "cheat day" where I was told eat strictly healthy foods and within calorie limits all week then the 7th day is a refeed.

That was like the holy grail of weight loss. To lose weight every week and still have one day to become a fast food sniper. <---Did you see where I went wrong? I wasn't educated about the subject enough and went on a fast food eating spree leaving no survivors besides maybe a couple ketchup packets and a spork that was too weak to hold up to how fast I was shoveling food down to beat the clock.

The 24-hour window was a serious thing. Get all those weekday cravings in so that I could stick to my rabbit food for the next 6 days.

That mentality was so backwards that I feel like calling out to Doc of "Back to the Future" and asking him to give me a ride in his DeLorean so that he can take me back to 2005 when I was a naive 24-year-old girl entering in the years where your metabolism begins to slow down and you can no longer enjoy drinks and bar food with your friends followed by sleeping in until noon to then ridding the hangover with "healing food" while keeping that young bod looking trim.


Realizing that all day cheat day was NOT helping me to lose weight someone kindly shared with me that I had been doing it all wrong and what I really wanted to do was have a cheat meal once a week.

Basically, what we had going on here was one blind person leading a blind person. This person had the same bird brain idea I had with the all day plan and instead this person was the "wiser bird brain" and said to shrink the all day gluttony into one meal.

Eat what you want as long as it is in one meal sitting. Can you make this one meal stretch out to 8 hours if I never left my dining chair? 😉

You see, eating your one meal of whatever you want is not the ideal way to go and is no better than the cheat day I was whistling merrily at all the yummy food shacks.

What the Day Off Diet Should Consist Of

Now that I'm a much more experienced bird brain that has had to lose serious weight (not 5 pounds of bar food weight) on three separate occasions involving 20 pounds, 30 pounds etc. that stemmed from my three pregnancies I had to be a lot more smarter in my weight loss plans.

When you're on the 'day off diet' all this really means is taking a more relaxed approached to what the previous 6 days all consisted of.

When I'm on a strict diet I'm measuring everything down to my coffee creamer but on the day off I'd forego the tablespoon measuring spoon and just...pour my creamer in naturally. I've pretty much trained my eyes on proper portion control and knew that I wasn't going crazy with the creamer but I felt relaxed without having to use the dang spoon one morning a week.

Here is what the 'day off diet' really entails

"It meant"

  • It meant I could splurge on my salad and add croutons to give it more flavor.
  • It meant I could add steak sauce to my steak.
  • It meant I could enjoy regular salad dressing instead of light.
  • It meant I could have Fruity pebbles instead of Special K cereal (one serving size).
  • It meant I could enjoy a random tootsie roll lollipop.
  • It meant I could enjoy a burger at a BBQ WITH THE BUN.
  • It meant having a slice or two of cheesy pizza without having cauliflower be the main crust.
  • It meant I could finish the leftovers off my kids plate (two chicken nuggets nothing insane 🙂 )
  • It meant having a small box of nerds in the movie theater instead of packing carrot sticks.
  • It meant feeling a little bit 'normal' one day a week.

croutons on a salad







Indulging one day a week has so many positive results

  • Reduces cravings
  • Reduces the chance of resenting the new healthy lifestyle
  • Leaving room for a little bit of indulgence keeps you from feeling punished for the previous ways.
  • You don't have to pay anything for this plan. You just buy the groceries!
  • Helps the dieter make better choices. When you only have one day to chill out on a diet you will want to make those choices be worth it and this reduces mindless eating.


Sometimes when I'm at my highest level of motivation to where cravings for the bad foods are gone and the smell of fast food joints make me feel somewhat ill and I'm running to the mailbox instead of hesitantly walking (I have a very long driveway) adding that one day of eating something less healthy may turn on the green light to derailing from the diet.

Example: A couple of years ago after my 2nd of 3 pregnancies I was losing weight fast and doing everything right. Nothing was standing in my way, however, this was all happening right before the holidays. I'm weak when it comes to my moms homemade turkey stuffing, gravy and cherry pies.

I told myself "Okay, Lisa, Thanksgiving only comes once a year and you deserve it." Nope. Didn't work the way I wanted it because that day leaves almost everyone with their one take home plate box of leftovers and turkey and stuffing the next day seems to always taste better than the first. Waste not want not.

This one day off turned into two. Once the second day came to an end my body became used to eating more than my 1500 calories and more than my 50 net grams of carbohydrates that my appetite was born again.

I tried and tried to get back into my kick butt diet mode but every day I watched myself losing the battle and adding more bad food and less leafy greens.

One month later and I'm finally back in gear then I was hit with Christmas cookies, Gingerbread houses and another take home plate box of leftovers.

Now I'm one of the New Year's resolution people completely annoyed at the fact I was doing great if it weren't for those damn holidays.

Who am I kidding? Is my will power that lame that I have to blame holidays because I couldn't put the sugary coated fork down? It's not that I don't get a years notice of when these holidays arrive. It stinks.

  • Easter - Gotta have the Marshmallow peeps it's tradition.
  • St. Patrick Day - Gotta have the green 6 pack of beer
  • Fourth of July- Gotta enjoy every picnic invite
  • Halloween - Gotta inspect my kid's candy--their lives depend on me! 🙁
  • Thanksgiving - Gotta see who made the best pie this year
  • Christmas - Gotta show the kids that Santa ate their cookies they left out with full-fat milk.
  • Valentines Day - Gotta eat the chocolates in the heart box--my husband will think I don't love him.

What's a Mom and Wife to do? I have obligations to my family that can't be ignored.


That list aforementioned is myself in denial. I can enjoy those holidays with the relax approach I mentioned earlier with the Dr. Oz day off diet.

Thanksgiving I can use portion control and still enjoy the food. A small slice of cherry pie hold the A La Mode.

Tell my mom to hold the box of leftovers and take maybe a plate.

My husband is quite capable of inspecting Halloween candy I can let his eat everything he wants and never gains weight butt eat the junk. Etc. Etc. Etc...

Final Note

There isn't a secret diet plan to the 'day off diet' all you need to do is stick to the plan that has been working for you thus far and just chill out on the 7th day but while still maintaining control of what you're putting in your body. If you're trying to lose weight the basic starter guide is to reduce your calories by 500 to give you a weekly net of 3500 calories in order to lose a pound every week. More if you add exercise. If you lose it, so to speak, and go on a junk food bender you could end up inadvertently adding back those 500 calories and then some to your daily average resorting to gaining weight instead of losing.

Add a slice of cheese to your sandwich. Add nuts to your yogurt. Have a lollipop. Just add a couple things to make your healthy diet a little fun for the day (cheese on the broccoli) and remember that you want to lose weight and keep it off.

If you would like to add a little something to this or your experience with the 'day off diet' please leave a comment. I'd love to hear what works. Have a nice day my awesome kick butt dieters. 🙂

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