Shirataki Noodles changing the way we diet. Eat pasta again with miracle noodles.

The Mysteries of Shirataki Noodles unfolded “miracle noodles”

Enjoy eating pasta without the carbs and calories all over again. I introduce to you shirataki noodles that have allowed me to once again slurp up some marinara covered "noodles" with my family again and for only 1 net carb and 15 calories per serving I'm in heaven. There are zero-calorie (miracle noodle) versions and the ones with 15 calories but to me whichever one you find is perfect because 15 calories is a walk to the kitchen (how many calories burned to walk to the kitchen) if you can't find the zero calorie version.

Shirataki Noodles


Shirataki noodles have changed the way I diet in a positive way. When I was a kid, every time my parents would ask what I'd want for dinner it was always hands down, spaghetti and meatballs. I loved everything about it, the wormy texture, the way it splashes sauce on my cheeks when I'd slurp the noodle up. The way I could aggravate my siblings by dangling a bunch of strands of saucy will stain your clothes noodles above my head to maneuver the wiggly things into my mouth with them fearing I would drop it on them. Unintentionally.

I even thought I was the awesome creator of the "spaghetti sandwich" where I'd fork up a bunch and stuff it into my piece of Italian bread to only discover other spaghetti lovers had the same idea. Oh how cool I thought I was for that. Actually, technically I don't know when the first spaghetti sandwich originated from and for all I know a friend sleeping over on spaghetti night might have witnessed me making that concoction and liked it and the domino effect happened and my creation went viral but nobody knows that I was that awesome kid who invented it. Dang, I'm kind of bummed about that, I could have my own wikipedia bio "the spaghetti sandwich creator by Lisa," oh the wasted notoriety. 😉

I digress. Wow I know too many people self-diagnose themselves with ADHD but holy crap I know how to drift off into a tangent, I apologize.

Basically, what all my babble is getting at is I LOVE MY PASTA!  I'm so annoyed at how all my favorites have to be filled with those evil muffin top creating carbs and calories. Why can't vegetables be bad for you while pasta can be the new vegetable? In a perfect world I guess, until then my pasta addiction has to be fixed somehow. That's when I discovered Miracle Noodle Shirataki Pasta and there are plenty of other brands to choose from one being pasta zero that I'm using in today's article because I can only find miracle noodle online and pasta zero you can find in the tofu section of your local grocery store.

The secret to this "pasta" is how you cook it because if you don't cook it right it will not taste edible good. I made a mistake of twirling some in my mouth unheated and by gawd that was a lesson I will surely learn--blech. This stuff needs to be pan dried. Literally, make that pasta look like a dried up sponge on a hot summers day. I made a bunch of yummy "pasta dishes" with these noodles. I Love Tuna Noodle Casserole and couldn't imagine a life without it so I purchased the fettuccine kind and eliminated the use of bread crumbs for the coating and wallah I was able to eat it again sortove but beggers can't be choosers. After I pan fried it (I will share how to cook these bad boys here shortly, don't worry) I mixed all the ingredients up to get it warm and transferred the mixture to a pie pan or casserole dish and baked in the oven at 350 for 15 minutes to get that crisp top I like.

How to Cook Shirataki Noodles:

Okay when you first open up the package there will be a slightly overwhelming smell of fish and you'll build up a tolerance for it (trust me I eat these noodles 3x a week 😉  ) so ignore that. The Miracle Noodle Shirataki Pasta are going to be in a liquid filled bag and they are made with Purified water, Konnyaku flour and Calcium Hydroxide. The noodles are made from plants that are not genetically engineered. So when you open the package pour the contents into a colander to drain the excess liquids and rinse thoroughly in cold water until the odor is gone.

Next you will want to lay the noodles onto a clean dish towel (or stack of thick ply paper towels) and squeeze the excess water out like you're trying to open that unopenable jar of pickles that get tossed from person to person until that last person miraculously opens it with everyone shouting "I loosened it for you" eeek, sorry, I'll refocus. So get that baby free of extra water and place on a frying pan at medium heat.

You can add butter but I don't to keep it extra low cal. I add a lot of pepper and just keep pushing the noodles down hard with a spatula until you can hear the little pasta cries omitting from the pan. Have you ever boiled a lobster and heard the boiling "screams," yeah? Kind of like that--I almost feel bad until I snap out of my la la land and remember it's pasta not a creature that can feel pain. 🙂

Yeah, I'm that type that fears spiders to the point of having arachnophobia but doesn't have the heart to kill a spider. So forgive me for having some sympathy for my crying pasta. Okay then.

Once the noodles look like they could use a drink or two you can then add whichever sauce you are wanting. Stir fry sauce, marinara, and alfredo can be used because you're saving so many calories and carbs by using these noodles, however, I still stick to the low carb Rao's Homemade Sensitive Formula Marinara that I went into detail about in the shirataki spaghetti and meat sauce article.  The noodles will take on the sauce you are cooking with which is why it is important to cook the noodles mixed in with the sauce for at least a couple of minutes after you've cooked your sauce.

Eat these noodles hot because they are not too great cold. Also, If you don't have time to prepare your own low cal sauce or ran out of any jar type, you can mix these noodles in any frozen dinners. I mixed my angel hair miracle noodles in with Atkins Chili Con Carne and it totally beefed up that puny serving of chili.

This wanna be pasta is so versatile you can create some pretty yummy dishes once you get past the initial "meet and greet sniff" process. You will be well on your way to lose weight while still enjoying pasta--hey, it's the closest you're going to get to pasta when you're being strict on carbs and cures the pasta dreams. Have you ever been chased by a meatball on a horse using pasta noodles as a rope to claim you like you were a horse? Then you will understand what I mean about pasta dreams, haha, they are not fun and you wake up starving. So go grab yourself some waist friendly miracle noodles and you can thank me when your pants start showing off your underwear because your pants are getting so loose. 😉 Have a great day.

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