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Many of you have been there, you spent 9 months of your pregnancies eating healthy (a little valentine's candy on the sly...or a whole heart box--yikes!), but because of hormones that go crazy during pregnancy you caved in more times than you should have on those pesky cravings. I'm not talking about an extra 200 calorie snack, I'm talking about 2 plates of lasagna or finishing a whole foot long fully loaded steak and cheese sub before your hubby got the napkins--a little exaggeration, only half was finished. ;-)

Then that most anticipated day arrives where you finally get to hold that new baby and ditch those ugly maternity jeans (I don't care how much designer's or celebrities try to add the "cool factor" to maternity clothes you still feel like you're not bringing sexy back anytime soon wearing them) and say hello to your old skinny jeans that have been shoved behind all those ugly shirts with the wrap around tie to show emphasis to your baby bump.

Wait for it...wait for it..."You mean to tell me I only lost 12 pounds of the 40 I gained? How's that possible--I just delivered my baby!" Um, well you see the thing is the baby weighs somewhere between 6-8 pounds on average and the additional couple pounds go to the placenta, extra blood volume and the milk that made your hoo-hahs the center of your husband's attention while you were asking him to feel the baby kick. Ha!

The remaining 28 pounds you can blame on the "oh the baby needs a little extra this," and "one extra slice of pizza won't hurt...I'll burn it off when I have the baby!" Easy to say when you're sitting there with a few months to mentally prepare yourself for the ugly cry you're about to make (google 'ugly cry' you'll know...) when you look in the mirror for the first time after delivery.

I was expecting some bloating with the Ivy's I was hooked to but nothing prepared me for the "new me" I was about to see for the first time--without the cute baby bump to overshadow what I was doing to my body. My second pregnancy I was bike riding every weekend up until I was 8 months pregnant and eating a lot of healthy foods, strictly. I was strict on myself because my first pregnancy made me look like a tank because of all the sweets I ate and nobody told me that the "eating for two" thing was a total frigging crock designed by our ancestors so they could get away with eating more mashed potatoes, ugh!

Why didn't I continue to learn from my mistakes the third time like I did with my second?

Because I wanted steak and cheese subs. I wanted extra cheesy, gooey, oil drips on your hands but you don't care because it's an amazing slice of pizza times 3--yes, three slices!! If challenged by my husband to go for the fourth I probably would have, In fact, he has talked me into eating a fourth slice to help him feel better about wanting a fourth--the only difference is he's a dude and I'm a chic who has to shimmy into skinny jeans.

Needless to say I was extremely depressed about this "new me" that I couldn't deal with leaving the house to do something as little as grocery shop..."the clerks are probably thinking does she really need that?" To whatever item that was in my shopping carriage and I know logically I was being irrational, because I really hope society isn't that egotistical and pro body shaming. Because heavier people are beautiful too, the only thing was that I wasn't used to being that much bigger and I was in pain every day. My back would throw out just putting my daughter into her crib. I have always been thin. Until I had that third baby that is.

I did end up losing all the weight plus a couple more pounds by following a strict low carb/low calorie diet (I even measured my coffee cream...my husband whines and moans about it whenever I ask him to make me a cup :-) ) but in order to stick with it I had to do it under my own terms. I wanted the food to actually taste good, too!

So I just started making my favorite foods and substituting the ingredients a little bit here and a little bit there until I came up with a redesigned recipe. I even made it possible to still eat Tuna Noodle Casserole--that casserole is super fattening!! Not my version, though. :-)

In this website you will learn my recipes that kept me from eating highly processed, high sodium weight loss frozen dinners and instead I ate healthy, low cal, low carb and YUMMY dinners!!

Let me warn you, though, this is a website based around weight loss, I still want to share other recipes in addition. Because even though I eat the way that I do I still have to cook my husband the fattening foods he loves--so steer clear of those articles/recipes if they are diet destroyers for you. :-) [supsystic-gallery id=2 position=center]